A type of business incubator that typically accepts startup teams into a three-month program and may provide capital, basic living expenses, office space and mentorship, often in exchange for equity in the startup.

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The process of contextualizing each transaction in order to present an accurate picture of the company’s financial performance. Accountants go beyond recording a transaction; they interpret how each transaction impacts the financial status of the business.

What are accounting and bookkeeping?


One company’s acquisition of another for the primary purpose of hiring its employees, rather than for the intrinsic value of the business itself.


A process where a company acquires the controlling interest (more than 50%) of another company.


An individual providing guidance, connections, advice and support to the entrepreneur, often in return for a small equity stake.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

A service that allows startups to cheaply rent server space and development tools in the cloud and scale up as needed rather than purchasing their own expensive servers.

What are Amazon Web Services Credits?

angel group

A formal or informal organization of individual accredited investors who pool their deal flow, resources, expertise and capital in order to make angel investments.

Investment Strategy for Angels

angel investor

An accredited investor who invests his or her personal capital in early stage, potentially high-growth companies.

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angel round

A round of investment into a startup company from angel investors not previously affiliated with the founder. Typically the first money invested in a company after the founder’s own money and the founder’s friends and family.

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annual recurring revenue (ARR)

The subscription-based revenue which software-as-a-service or platform-as-a-service (SaaS/PaaS)-based companies receive each year; also known as the run rate.

Articles of Incorporation (or Certificate of Incorporation)

Documents filed with the state’s Secretary of State or Registrar which acts as a charter to document the establishment and existence of a corporation—typically including the business’s name, address, a statement of business purpose, and details related to the types of stock the corporation is entitled to issue.

The difference between incorporation and company formation

authorized shares

The maximum number of shares that a company can issue, as decided by its Board of Directors. For a Delaware C-Corporation, any increases or decreases to this number require amending and restating the Certificate of Incorporation in Delaware. Gust Launch starts each company with 10 million authorized shares—a very common number to begin with.