A program or shared office center designed to support the successful development of companies by offering cost effective resources and support.

independent contractor

A specific classification of worker that is not an employee of the company. Usually distinguished by 1) whether the business has a right to direct and control how the worker does the task for which the worker is hired, 2) whether the company has a right to control the business aspects of the worker’s job, and 3) what kind of relationship the worker has to the business.

How (and why) to distinguish independent contractors from employees

initial public offering (IPO)

The first public sale of the stock of a formerly privately held company. After a lockup period, investors are typically able to sell their shares on the public stock market, as they are no longer illiquid.

intellectual property (IP)

An intangible asset of value. The protections of IP—trademarks, copyrights and patents—determine if you can prevent other people from copying these creations, and whether or not you yourself can use them freely.

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investment round

A set of one or more investments made in a particular company, by one or more investors on essentially similar terms at essentially the same time.

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issued shares

The total number of shares that have been granted by the company and purchased by a shareholder. These are also commonly referred to as issued and outstanding shares.

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