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Used by investor groups worldwide.

For more than a decade Gust has been helping investor organizations collaborate with promising startups. Today, 350+ Investor Groups worldwide use Gust to receive deal flow, manage their deal flow pipeline, and perform due diligence.
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Simple Setup. Easy to Use.

Gust is simple to set up, easy to use, and supported by knowledgeable, friendly staff. There are no limits on group membership or file storage and all customers receive an industry-leading service level.
Simple Setup

Simple Setup

Gust offers tools and support to ensure importing member data and setting up your account is quick and easy.

Easy To Use

Easy to Use

Gust’s SaaS funding platform is designed to work with your current deal flow management processes. It’s simple to use, intuitive and customizable. Work smarter, not harder.

Dedicated Support

Dedicated Support

Comprehensive help guides plus dedicated support via chat and email keep you running smoothly.

A Comprehensive Solution

All the features you need to manage your group’s deal intake, screening, and diligence.
Receive Applications

Receive Applications

Find Promising Startups seeking funding, filtered by Investment Preferences or invite founders from your network to apply.

Rate And Review

Rate and Review Companies

Track ratings, reviews, and comments through your screening process.

Data Secure

Keep Your Data Secure

Protect Your Group’s Privacy by Managing Access to Secure Deal Data Rooms.

Schedule Events

Schedule Events

Create events and send invites with Email and Calendar Integrations.

Manage Group

Manage Group Communications

Send and receive announcements and discussions with full email integration.

Existing Tools

Link to your existing tools

Connect to Gust via Zapier to receive updates in your other apps.

Deal Flow

Syndicate Deal Flow

Share deals with other investor organizations via Gust.

Track And Record

Track and Record Commitments

Track financial commitments of investors across syndication.

Leverage a powerful ecosystem

Gust has supported some of the world’s largest angel groups and early stage capital organizations for nearly two decades. Whether you’re looking to eliminate inefficiencies in your workflow, or you’re setting up a brand new investor organization and don’t know where to start, leverage the collective experience of the Gust team and community to guide the way.

Gust’s software and ecosystem supports founders, lawyers, business plan competitions, incubators, accelerators, angel groups, venture funds, and other early-stage force multipliers. We facilitate the connections that help your organization find better deal flow, collaborate with other capital providers, and support your members and portfolio companies.

Better Startups
Gust helps more than 10k startups every month by providing education and tools to level set expectations, connect with the right support resources, and manage their operations. Groups on Gust get startups that are better prepared, pre-vetted, and require less diligence.

Collaborative Capital
Syndicate with other Angels to tag along or fill out deals. Make connections with upstream and downstream capital allocators to find new sources of deal flow and new partners for follow-on rounds.

Learn from the best
Benefit from knowledge and best practices developed over nearly two decades of supporting the world’s largest angel groups and early stage capital providers. Whether you’re looking to streamline operations or bootstrap a new group, Gust can guide the way.
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  • Robinhood
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