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Positioning your Pitch Deck

What's the strategy behind your pitch deck? Are you providing the color investors are really looking for?
Ryan Nash
Ryan Nash , COO , Gust INC
22 May 2024

Know Your Numbers: The Ultimate Guide to Data-Driven Success for Startups

Understanding your startup's metrics is like having a GPS for your business journey. It helps you navigate challenges, make informed decisions, and steer your company towards success.
Forecastr logo
Forecastr , An out-of-the-box finance function for your business.
29 Apr 2024

The Quick Guide to Company Updates

Are you producing and distributing regular company updates to your network? Here's why you should...
Peter Swan
Peter Swan , CEO , Gust INC
18 Apr 2024

Financial Modeling – Top Down or Bottom Up?

Today, we're talking financial models and projections; specifically, the perspectives you need to be  considering to build something accurate for operations and compelling for fundraising.
Ryan Nash
Ryan Nash , COO , Gust INC
11 Apr 2024

What to Do When You and Your Investors Are Not on the Same Page

Yielding 10x growth or more, known as “hockey-stick growth,” remains the goal for many investors. But only one percent of startups become unicorns; in fact, most VC-backed companies don’t reach their expected rate of return. “That means 95% of founders—or more—are gonna have a bad time,” explains Rand Fishkin, the author of Lost and Founder, and co-founder of Moz and more recently of SparkToro. The gulf between expectations and how things play out can be substantial. However, that doesn’t have to fuel fights among stakeholders who are—at the end of the day—all on the same team.
Vouch INC , Business Insurance for Technology Companies
4 Apr 2024
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