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All Startups Have Churn and Will Benefit From Modeling It Well

Properly modeling your startup's churn is crucial to a full-picture financial model and will help you better understand your current growth trajectory.
Ryan Nash
Ryan Nash , COO , Gust INC
8 Jul 2024

25 Things a First-Time Founder Should Know

There are few humans on earth better suited to help you navigate startup issues than Gil Silberman. In addition to being the legal mind behind Gust Launch, Gil has the distinction of being the lawyer who incorporated LinkedIn, co-founding a unicorn (Forge Global), helping countless startups navigate from 0 to 1, and being a leading candidate for most interesting man in the world.
Gil Silberman
Gil Silberman , Gust Partner , Luca Ventures
25 Jun 2024

California Employment Liability Trends for Tech Startups

California has some of the strongest employee protections in the U.S., and often sets a precedent for regulations enacted elsewhere. But, California's employment laws can also be complex, because they change and evolve from year to year, often in nuanced ways.
Vouch , Gust Partner , The Insurance of Tech
13 Jun 2024

Positioning your Pitch Deck

What's the strategy behind your pitch deck? Are you providing the color investors are really looking for?
Ryan Nash
Ryan Nash , COO , Gust INC
22 May 2024

Know Your Numbers: The Ultimate Guide to Data-Driven Success for Startups

Understanding your startup's metrics is like having a GPS for your business journey. It helps you navigate challenges, make informed decisions, and steer your company towards success.
Forecastr logo
Forecastr , An out-of-the-box finance function for your business.
29 Apr 2024
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