Navigate your startup journey with support from the world’s largest community of startup founders and investors.

Gust Mission Control is a support network for serious founders turning great ideas into big companies. Regularly scheduled virtual sessions with startup experts help you avoid pitfalls, eliminate roadblocks, navigate growth challenges and accelerate your progress. You shoot for the moon, we manage the flight checklist.

Building a startup is hard. Mission Control makes it easier.

Is my startup fundable? How do I start and run a company? Does my financial model make sense? How do I manage equity? How much capital do I need? How do SAFEs and Convertible Notes work? It’s normal to have a million questions when you’re starting and running a company. Hours of research, navigating conflicting information and piecing together answers for yourself can be overwhelming. Finding the right professionals to help can be time and cost prohibitive. We get that. That's why we built Mission Control: to streamline access to the information and resources you need to keep your mission on track.


Office Hours

Hosted by David S. Rose and the Gust team, office hours are a forum to ask questions, tackle challenges, and learn from your peers. You’ll never be more than a week away from talking to expert humans who don’t charge by the hour.

Easy To Use

Expert Sessions

From financial model teardowns and pitch reviews to tax preparedness and insurance roadmaps, experts from our curated network help you refine key pieces of your startup strategy and prepare for upcoming growth challenges.



Whether you need a fractional CFO, an accountant, a bookkeeper, or a startup lawyer, we’ve got you covered. We’ve built a network of vetted startup specialists to tag in when you need them. We’ve also pre-negotiated discounts on your behalf.


We’ve helped thousands of founders chart their course.

Gust has been building products and education for founders, startups, accelerators, and investors for over 15 years. David S. Rose, Founder and Chairman of Gust, founded New York Angels, the largest angel group in the United States, and literally wrote the books on starting a startup and angel investing. We’ve leveraged that experience to build the support network we wish we'd had: comprehensive, accessible expertise from the earliest stages. No fluff. No judgements. No startup experience or MBA required.


Over 5,000 startups
incorporated with Gust Launch


Hundreds of webinars and office hours attended by more than 10,000 founders


Startups raised more than $100M on Gust in 2022

Here's what our customers say

Kelley Griggs, Britepeer
James Birt, AI Gaming
Jamie A. Galvis, hustle + flo
Sam Nystrom, One Deep Breath
Kyle Jekielek, License Lounge
Chuck Whiteman, Dinnerfy
Kamran Ata, aithentic
Meseret Warner, Ignite Investment

Office Hours

Don’t let misunderstandings about startup fundraising and operations derail your mission. Office hours leverage Gust’s comprehensive perspective to help you navigate the nuts and bolts and nuances of early stage startups. Designed to save you time and billable hours, office hours help you break through roadblocks, correct confusion, parse knowns from unknowns and understand when it’s time to tag in a professional. Office hours are held bi-weekly on Wednesdays from 3pm to 4pm US Eastern time. David S. Rose and the team from Gust will answer questions from you and your peers.
Easy To Use

Expert Sessions

Refine key components of your startup’s strategy and stay ahead of growth challenges. Expert sessions provide an opportunity to get direct feedback and answers from the best in the business. They’re designed to help you refine key strategic assets like your pitch and financial model, stay on track with important compliance items like taxes, and stay ahead of growth challenges like insurance and capital planning.
  • Monthly Pitch Practice - Practice your pitch, get feedback from investors and peers.
  • Monthly Financial Model Teardown - Review your financial model for strengths and weaknesses.
  • Quarterly Insurance and Risk Planning - Understand your risk profile and upcoming insurance needs.
  • Quarterly Compliance and Tax Deep Dive - Get answers to all your tax, filing, and compliance questions.


Tackle your startup's critical strategic and growth challenges with vetted startup experts and resource providers. Whether you need a financial model, CFO services, accounting and bookkeeping, insurance, or strategic legal our network has you covered. We've chosen partners that share our education-first approach to working with startups to make sure you're well taken care of. We've even pre-negotiated discounts on your behalf.
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Connect directly with experts and peers.
  • Hop in our Slack community to ask questions and make connections between sessions.
  • Connect with peers based on shared industries and milestones.
  • Find co-founders, advisors, and mentors.
Software Purple

Software & Infrastructure

Build your startup operating system.
  • 40% off Gust software for incorporation and equity managment.
  • 20% off Forecastr financial modeling software.
  • $5k in AWS Activate credits.
  • 50k in Segment credits.
Services Purple


Find vetted experts for strategic help.
  • Network firms waive their general retainer and provide a 1 hour discount on your monthly bill.
  • Pre-negotiated rates on bookkeeping and accounting.
  • 5% off business insurance through Vouch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mission Control is a $99/month subscription. You can cancel anytime. Our goal is to save you significantly more than that in time, billable hours, and direct discounts.

The program and its benefits are primarily geared toward founders or prospective founders of US-based startups that have a technology component and some opportunity to achieve scalability. We recognize the existence of unicorns, but we’re equally interested in the abundance of less mythical creatures like zebras, camels, and gazelles!

If you’re currently outside of the US but planning to incorporate and raise money in the US, you might still be a good fit. If you’re outside the US and planning to stay there and raise there this program likely won’t be a good fit. Same if you’re working on any of the following types of ventures:

  • A single-location, brick and mortar small business
  • A drop-shipping business
  • A film, music album, or performance production
  • A traditional business designed to quickly generate revenue

Office hours will be scheduled Wednesdays from 3pm to 4pm Eastern time.

Other regular sessions will largely be held between 3pm and 3pm Eastern time.

Heck yeah they can! The cost of the subscription includes attendance for your team.

No, this is not an accelerator: we don’t take equity, we don’t invest, and we do not have a geographic or industry-specific thesis.

Mission Control is a general purpose compliment to an industry or location-specific accelerator. It will provide deeper insight and support on core concepts. For example, you’ll have multiple sessions that cover early legal concerns, plus supporting software rather than an hour presentation with 15 minutes of Q&A from a sponsoring law firm.

Many founders also find Gust helps them more effectively utilize the resources they have access to. If you’re already in an accelerator, this program will help you better leverage their resources for strategic concerns, rather than educational.

If you’re not already in an accelerator, this program will help you understand their value proposition and determine whether there might be one in your future.

We think that’s a great idea! Drop us a line at

If you’re interested in a first look at the companies supported by Mission Control drop us a line at

We’re here for you. You can email us at or chat us up on Intercom 👉.

Yep, in addition to 40% off on all Gust software you’ll have access to exclusive discounts and pre-negotiated rates from a growing list of providers in the Mission Control network.

And, yeah, you’ll also have access to the standard set of discounts offered by most startup service providers these days including, but not limited to:

  • $5k in AWS Activate Credits
  • $50k in Segment Credits
  • 90% off of Hubspot for the first 12 months
  • 50% off the first 12 months of the team plan from Webflow

Access to these discounts may be subject to additional eligibility requirements depending on the provider.