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Angel Investing by David S. Rose

Angel investing has exploded during the past decade, channeling over $20 billion annually into startup companies in the U.S. alone. But until now it has been a niche activity—a way for power-players and risk-lovers to place exciting, high-stakes bets on promising new ventures. Angel Investing: The Gust Guide to Making Money and Having Fun Investing in Startups is the first book of its kind to discuss the human and financial... rewards of being an angel investor, the benefits of joining an angel group, and the crowdfunding revolution that is bringing early-stage investing to millions of new participants. Investors looking for a powerful new asset class will find Angel Investing a valuable and comprehensive resource.

Topics include:
  • The angel's role in a startup

  • How to find early-stage, high-growth opportunities

  • Evaluating entrepreneurs and backing the right ones

  • Performing due diligence on potential investments

  • Increasing opportunities while decreasing risks

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  • “From the secret economics of angel investing and the best methods for funding and picking tomorrow’s big winners to proven techniques for adding value to any business you invest in, Angel Investing provides readers with everything they need to know to get started in this fascinating, fun — and lucrative — business arena.”

    David Bach

    David Bach

    #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Automatic Millionaire

  • “As an angel investor and a long-time fan of David S. Rose, I was delighted to hear he finally captured his wit and wisdom in the pages of a book. David’s witty stories and angel investing principles — as well as his unsurpassed knowledge of his field — are teaching me so much more about investing than I’ve learned over the years doing it!”

    Barbara Corcoran

    Barbara Corcoran

    Real Estate Mogul, Shark Tank star, Angel Investor

  • “This is the most comprehensive and readable guide to angel investing ever written. The chapter on valuation and expectations lays out a clear framework for understanding one of the least well-known pitfalls in the angel world... I recommend this book to anyone even thinking about making or receiving angel investments.”

    Howard L. Morgan

    Howard L. Morgan

    Founding Partner, First Round Capital

  • “The world of entrepreneurial startups is where the most exciting and creative action is happening in today’s business world, which is why I was a strong supporter of the JOBS Act of 2012. No wonder millions of people are wondering how they can get involved as investors. There’s no better place to start than by reading David S. Rose’s Angel Investing.”

    U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer

    U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer

    Senate Finance Committee

  • “Angel Investing is an engaging, easy read, full of real stories and hard numbers, actual cases and a whole lot of good advice. David S. Rose brings tons of real-world knowledge to the subject that makes this required reading for every new angel.”

    Tim Berry

    Tim Berry

    Author of Business Plan Pro, Entrepreneur, Angel Investor

  • “David S. Rose has written a terrific new book that will help would-be angels make money, rather than lose it. From explaining the value of diversification, to tips on evaluating deals, to offering up plans to attract good deals, Angel Investing will help you move from a money-losing amateur to a money-making professional angel.”

    Scott Shane

    Scott Shane

    author of Fool’s Gold? The Truth Behind Angel Investing in America
    and Start Late Finish Rich, Angel Investor

  • “Picking winners when a company is little more than a few hundred lines of code is... difficult. Picking up this book is a good start... Let your education begin!”

    Reid Hoffman

    Reid Hoffman

    Angel Investor and Founder of Linkedin

"I've distilled my experience investing in over 90 companies into an actionable guide for those interested in early stage startups."