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Everything you need to start, incorporate and grow your startup

Easily file online for a new Delaware
C-Corporation and EIN today

Form a company
optimized for growth

Incorporation Icon

Incorporate a Startup

Easily file online for a new Delaware C-Corporation and EIN today and you’ll be up and running in as few as three days.

Post Incorporation Setup

Post-Incorporation Setup

Set modern startup bylaws, appoint board members, and limit founder liability with a quick company formation process, developed by experts and entrepreneurs.

Foreign Qualification

Foreign Qualification

Register your new Delaware C-Corporation through the platform to do business in your home state (additional fees apply).

Not sure if a Delaware C-Corporation is right for your startup?

1 Form A Company

Ready to File Now?


Issue stock & manage
company ownership

Stock Issuance

Stock Issuance

Issue stock to your team electronically, with customizable vesting schedules and IRS form 83(b) elections built-in.

Cap Table

Cap Table

Keep track of who owns what at a glance using built-in, robust cap table software that automatically tracks your equity grants.

Board Actions

Board Actions

Approve stock grants with built-in board actions. Board approvals and modifications are made simple with easy online signatures instead of phone calls and print-scan-print-scan cycles.

2 Issue Stock And Manage Ownership

Open a business
bank account

No Maintenance

No Maintenance Fees or Minimums

Protect your personal liability by opening a bank account specifically for your company. We’ve partnered with Brex, a leading financial services platform for startups, to make it easy to open an account online with no maintenance fees.

Open Account

Apply for an Account Online in 10 Minutes

Get an account number, routing number, and virtual cards instantly upon approval—no branch visit required. With fully digital banking features and a mobile app, you’ll have access to hassle-free banking anytime, anywhere.


Rewards On All Card Spend

No fees on anything, just points on everything—like 8x on rideshare or 1.5x on ads.

Brex Cash offers FDIC insurance up to $250,000 through Brex Cash program banks.

3 Open Bussiness Bank Account Wide
Money Icon

Already have a bank you like? No problem! Gust Launch companies can easily open an account anywhere they choose.


Stay up-to-date with your
company’s operations


Company Dashboard

Stay on top of every process and keep things moving with the status of all your workflows and relationships collected in one place.


Email Reminders

Take action from your inbox with notifications for required actions, deadlines, and important dates.


Auditable History

Automatically organize every contract executed through Launch in its proper context to tell the story of your company securely and reliably.

4 Stay Up To Date

Trying to start your company, but
overwhelmed with back-office tasks?


Establish relationships and protect intellectual property


Contractor and Advisor Agreements

Quickly create and execute agreements that define relationships, protect confidential information, and optionally grant equity.

Ip Assignment

IP Assignment

Make sure your company has the rights to all of its intellectual property with a Founder IP Agreement for each member of the founding team, including the CEO.


Non-Disclosure Agreements

Defend your company’s confidential information with one-way and two-way NDAs that both parties can execute online.

5 Establish Relationships Wide

Find the right
startup counsel

Law Firm

Vetted Startup Attorneys

Finding a trusted law partner to handle your companies most sensitive needs can be daunting. We've partnered with the best startup law firms across the country to help you find the right match for your business.


Waived General Retainers

Startup lawyers typically charge $2,500 before they work for a new client, as part of Gust Launch, they know you are serious and will only setup a work specific retainer once you've established what type of legal needs they can help you with.

Legal Work

Save on Legal Work

Get an hour of discounted legal work each month. Our legal partners have agreed to deduct one hour every month from your total work together, saving you hundreds.

Group 1219

Raise money from
pre-seed investors

Safe Rounds

SAFE Rounds

Create and execute a Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE) with built-in best practices and compliance checks, board approvals, and easy online signatures.

Convertible Notes

Convertible Notes

Easily set terms and issue Convertible Notes electronically with rounds automatically recorded in your cap table.

Debt Fundraising

Unified Debt Fundraising

Gust Launch SAFEs and Convertible Notes are designed to seamlessly roll up into your next round to ease due diligence and make dilution effects clear from the beginning.

7 Raise Money Wide
Story 1

Arjun successfully raised over $1 million through a Gust Launch Convertible Note. See why he believes Launch helped him raise money in such a short period of time.


Issue Stock Options and
stay compliant


Equity Incentive Plan Creation

Seamlessly adopt a board approved Equity Incentive Plan (EIP) with built-in compliance checks. We’ll walk you through the process of establishing terms and allocating shares.


Option Grant

Track, manage, and issue employee stock options all in one place. Grant options and set vesting schedules in minutes with easy online signatures and board approvals.

Audit Support

Audit Support

With records and e-signatures all in one place along with thorough 409A reports, audits are always stress-free.

8 Issue Stock Options

Getting ready to raise professional investment or hire employees?
Make sure you have an Equity Incentive Plan in place.


Run investment
and exit scenarios

Round Modeling

Round Modeling

See the impact a future financing round may have on shareholder ownership with comprehensive round modeling built on your cap table data.

Waterfall Analysis

Waterfall Analysis

Evaluate the potential impact different exit scenarios will have on shareholder payout and clearly understand what might happen at a range of exit prices.


Save money on early infrastructure

$5,000 in AWS Activate credits
Depending on Activate eligibility

AWS provides low-cost, easy-to-use IT infrastructure, like computing power and database storage, for any size business. We'll help you get the right credits at the right time to maximize infrastructure runway.

75% off marketing software
First 12 months. 50% off in the second year, 25% off in year 3

HubSpot helps startups amplify their marketing efforts with automation, email, and content tools designed to grow traffic and convert visitors. In addition to their free CRM, HubSpot offers Gust Launch customers marketing software for 90% off in their first year.

50% off team plan
First 12 months.

Webflow provides a no-code tool to build professional and engaging websites in a visual canvas format. Gust Launch has teamed up with Webflow to offer a discount on their Team plans.

$150 discount on corporate tax filing

Cleer Tax & Bookkeeping takes the hassle out of preparing your corporate taxes, so you can focus on growing your business. Through your Gust Launch subscriptions, you get $150 off Cleer’s flat-rate tax-only packages designed for Delaware C-Corporations. DE Franchise report filing is also available.

$50,000 in Segment credits
Segment eligibility requirements apply

Segment makes analytics easy for startups. Instrument your web & mobile app with a beautiful analytics API, and integrate 250+ tools (like Google Analytics, Amplitude,, Redshift, etc.) with the flip of a switch. Sign up through Gust Launch for $50,000 in credits, plus educational classes, support, and more.

30% off Typeform
Applies to annual Professional and Premium plans

Typeform provides a friendly and intuitive form and survey solution. It is a great no-code tool for early stage startups doing a lot of customer discovery work. Gust Launch has teamed up with Typeform to offer discounts on their Professional and Premium plans.

20% off for 6 months with no commitment

WeWork offers workspaces for startup teams of all sizes, coffee and community included. Sign up through Gust Launch for 20% off your new WeWork contract for up to 6 months.

Special Offer: 25% OFF Annual Subscription to Forecastr
White-glove onboarding included

Comes with free white-glove onboarding where they work with you / for you to build a world-class financial model with your company

Unlimited phone/video support for the first 30 days of your subscription

Special Offer: 6.5% of funds successfully raised with Wefunder

Raise a Regulation CF round with lower fees.

Includes payment processing. No other fees.

Priority application for those that apply through Gust Launch

Get coached by experts with years of experience in outbound sales, product development, paid media, fundraising, and more

Personalized to You. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all program. Every startup is different, and our program is tailored to your needs, skills, and goals

Priority application for those that apply through Gust Launch

Flatirons provides product development and design resources to early-stage companies.

They help support a new wave of founders, particularly women and people of color who have traditionally been underrepresented in venture capital.

Maximize your R&D Tax Credit

Your company may be eligible to receive up to $250,000 in payroll tax credits per year through a government program that rewards investment in innovation. Evaluate your eligibility a few weeks beforehand so you have time to prepare the paperwork.

10% discount off tax preparation, bookkeeping, & accounting services

KMK Ventures provides end-to-end tax, bookkeeping, and accounting services so you can focus on building and growing your company.

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We’re pretty good at what we do,
but you don’t have to take our word for it.

“Gust Launch is a sleek product for any entrepreneurs looking to manage their governance, risk, and compliance. I am very happy with their overall engagement with the entrepreneurs. The webinars from various service providers cut down the time an entrepreneur would spend to get
the services.”
Group 7
Arun Siva
“As a founder myself, I created my business
with Gust.

As a mentor for Techstars, and half a dozen other accelerators and entrepreneurial programs, I advise all my companies to use Gust to create their entity.”
Group 9
Ari Block
“We really felt that the Gust team was by our side as we worked through the various documents for our first C-corp.

And when we had questions, they were super responsive and helpful. I highly recommend their platform and their people.”
Group 7
Jules Walters
“Gust Launch has felt like our own virtual startup advisor. I originally began using Gust for the same reasons most people do: cap table management and incorporation. While managing both of those things with Gust Launch is a breeze, what I wasn’t expecting to find was the immense amount of digestible and actionable knowledge that Gust had to offer on nearly every startup-related obstacle that I would run into.”
Group 11
Sam Rystrom
I’d recommend Gust over and over. The product is amazing, the team is even better.

I wouldn’t look anywhere else to incorporate, or to manage everything else we use Gust for.
Group 12
Chance Mayfield
I absolutely love using Gust. If you’re a founder or an entrepreneur, Gust is your single most valuable resource to getting started.

I wish I discovered them earlier in my start-up journey, I would have saved a boatload of time and money.
Group 10
Kyle Jekielek
“I love the simplicity of incorporating through Gust Launch, and their customer service is amazing. We needed to incorporate our startup immediately as we were already invoicing a big client. It was so easy, streamlined and fast. Once I entered my info, it took only 3 days-including the weekend!”
Stephanie A265488e5bd0cda66f30a9b87e05ab8ceddb255120df04412edde4293bb19ee7
Stephanie Houng
Gust Launch was unbelievably helpful when we wanted to establish our startup.

Their team goes above and beyond, and their platform makes incorporation and equity management extremely easy and straightforward.
Sylphiel2 4ac7317f5f652bf5fa0084d871f83f84be9eb731b28548c64c2f2342b2042ebe
Syl Yip
“I’m incredibly impressed with the communication and streamlining of processes through Gust Launch.

As someone relatively new to entity formation and fundraising, I am supported in all ways to be successful.”
Brent D55d81dbb4f7d2a1e91ae14248d70b445552e6f4f64c2412a5767280fe225c96
Brent Totty
“The disruptively simple way to help serious founders prepare for growth, funding, and a successful exit.

Gust Launch makes it easy to start and run a high-growth business by integrating world-class services with the click of a button.”
Howard L. Morgan
“I never thought filing for incorporation could actually be a pleasant experience, but incorporating my company with Gust Launch actually was. It was clean, simple, intuitive-and most importantly, quick. I work with startups every day, and I recommend Gust Launch to everyone who hasn’t already incorporated.”
Chris 55528c056efef050d6d673585b1c478b3b983ead131ba4566987cf6264801e8f
Chris Gorges
“Gust is simplifying and taking the friction out of early stage investing, all of which is good for emerging companies and our economy as a whole.

The forms are top notch and are a perfect fit for start-ups and our growing entrepreneurial ecosystem.”
Daniel 16e42a10da6be80f32fb4bc73b67960bf3eaf7532190599e82c4faaddc8d59db
Daniel DeWolf
“Gust Launch is a superb product backed by a responsive, knowledgable support team.”“Gust Launch is a superb product backed by a responsive, knowledgable support team.”
Aleksy 169fdd24bc6a53d5efd0f4e23dd4b7d64ed2995b893698c0b9b684506ac73842
Aleksey Gurtovoy
“Gust Launch is an amazing platform that helps founders understand their business.”
March 115fd8c6f1dba2e11ed4cc46ab9f578ec326af737df86537e83ef892c1a82f10
March Chadwick

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