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Gust Launch

Meet the world's first Company-as-a-Service platform.


Everything you need to know about creating a Delaware C-Corporation.

Company Formation

After incorporation, you'll adopt bylaws and elect a board.

Issuing Stock

Learn how to grant common stock to yourself and your co-founders.

Banking & EIN

Learn how to open a bank account and receive your Employer Identification Number.

Establishing Ownership

Why, when, and how to issue stock

Foreign Qualification

Prepare to register your new company with your home state.

Startup Accounting

Find out how investors and banks expect startup founders to record their finances.

Legal Documents & Services

Learn what legal documents Gust Launch generates and how our lawyers provide services.

Options & Option Plans

Learn how to set up and maintain your Equity Incentive Plan to grant your employees equity.


Learn how to raise money with SAFEs and Convertible Notes on Gust Launch.

Corporate Taxes

Learn what taxes you'll owe, how to calculate them, and how to pay.


Learn about the partner perks that comes with your Gust Launch subscription.


Common questions on how to keep your corporation in compliance.