Frequently Asked Questions

How does Gust Launch introduce me to a law firm?

Gust Launch, through our legal partners, has created an internal directory to enable customers to access our cultivated network of law partners. When a Gust Launch Accelerate customer lets us know that they would like to take advantage of the offering, the customer will receive a few randomly generated partner options, filtered based on objective factors like geography and industry. Further, Gust Launch does not charge our legal partners to be listed in the directory. 

After receiving the partner options from Gust, the customer will choose which firm they would like to be introduced to. Gust will then send the partner some basic information about the customer (full name of the founder, physical address, and company name) so that the partner can run a conflicts check. If after performing the conflicts check the legal partner agrees to meet the customer, Gust will send an introductory email to both the customer and the legal partner so they can schedule their initial meeting.

At this point, Gust will have no further communication with the customer or partner concerning the nature of the relationship. Gust will not interfere and is in no way involved with the attorney-client relationship. Additionally, the customer is not required to engage the legal partner and maintains full control over which attorneys they engage on behalf of themselves as individuals or on behalf of the corporation.

It is important to note that Gust Launch only filters based on objective factors and does not perform a subjective analysis of the client’s needs before providing options, nor does Gust recommend a specific partner. Gust Launch is not a legal referral service. The customer must make their decision about which partner they wish to be connected with based on their own independent judgment and consideration. 

Last updated on October 3, 2018