Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use Gust Launch if I'm incorporated?

Unfortunately, no. Because Gust Launch’s integrated services and workflows assume that your company is set up with a very specific and standardized structure from day one, we can only offer Gust Launch to founders who create their legal entity on our platform.

I already have an LLC. Do I have to dissolve it to be able to use Gust Launch?

To join Gust Launch you will need to incorporate your Delaware corporation through Launch.

How long does it take to incorporate?

Gust Launch has taken a process that typically takes weeks, and streamlined it into just a few days. 

How does choosing a name for my startup work and what if I decide I want to change it?

What type of business will be created?

Why a C-Corporation? Why not an LLC?

Why Delaware and why not my own state?

Do I also need to incorporate in my home state?

Can I be my own Registered Agent?

Why am I incorporating with 10,000,000 authorized shares, and can I change this?

Can Gust Delaware be my Registered Agent in other states besides Delaware?

How is my address being used and which address should I use for my principal place of business?

What determines my initial common stock price per share?

What incorporation documents will be created?

What is the difference between a DBA and a trademark?