Frequently Asked Questions

Why Delaware and why not my own state?

Delaware is the preferred choice of most venture capital and angel investors, strategic partners, and other parties that want to work with your new startup. They have many reasons:

  • Delaware’s filing offices and court systems are prompt and offer good customer service. 
  • The state has predictable, well-developed corporate laws that experienced businesspeople and their lawyers worldwide understand. 
  • The laws are the most business-friendly and protective of a company and its management and board of directors. 
  • As your company grows with more board members and investors, a Delaware corporation offers flexibility for Board actions and shareholder rights.

As your new company grows, parties important to your success will likely be expecting to work with Delaware corporations, and will probably demand that you “re-domicile" there if you incorporated elsewhere. Bottom line, we are preparing you for a success scenario, and it is much faster and cost-effective to do that from the beginning. 

Last updated on November 15, 2016