Frequently Asked Questions

Legal Documents & Services

What legal documents and templates can I access?

Gust Launch features easy workflows to guide you through the process of creating customized legal documents.

Will Gust Launch give me tax and legal advice?

Gust Launch and Gust do not provide tax and legal advice, but for some customers of Gust Launch we do provide an introduction to a law firm as well as an optional relationship with professionals who provide bookkeeping, accounting, and tax preparation. If you choose to retain a law firm through Gust Launch, you become their client directly. In all cases, the professional relationship is between you and the lawyer or accountant.

How does Gust Launch introduce me to a law firm?

Gust Launch, through our legal partners, has created an internal directory to enable customers to access our cultivated network of law partners. When a Gust Launch Accelerate customer lets us know that they would like to take advantage of the offering, the customer will receive a few randomly generated partner options, filtered based on objective factors like geography and industry. Further, Gust Launch does not charge our legal partners to be listed in the directory. 

Is Gust Launch supported by a lawyer? Should I trust this?

Do I have to work with Gust Launch’s lawyers? What if I already have a lawyer?

Why can't Gust provide me any recommendations or refer me to a legal partner?

What is a “non-accruing hourly credit?”

How much do Gust Launch's legal network member firms charge?

What happens if I end my relationship with my partner attorney?

What is an initial retainer fee?

How does Gust Launch select its legal network members?