Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gust Launch supported by a lawyer? Should I trust this?

The startup and operating documents generated by Gust Launch are a comprehensive, integrated set that has been created and reviewed by leading startup law firms. In other words, Gust Launch itself was built with the help of lawyers, and all the processes and documents included are fully startup lawyer approved.

While Gust Launch itself is a business service designed by lawyers and with lawyers, Gust does not, itself, provide legal advice. Instead, if you choose to make use of Gust Launch Accelerate, we can introduce you to law firms that have agreed to waive their retainers and provide you with a free hour of work each month.

If you already are thinking about a particular lawyer, feel free to put them in touch with us, and we would be delighted to walk them through our platform and bring them into our legal network at no cost. We have found that most of the startup lawyers with whom we have shared our plans enthusiastically approve our way of doing things because it sets their clients’ companies up right, and frees their time up to provide higher value to you as a counselor, advisor, and advocate.

Last updated on October 3, 2018