Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't Gust provide me any recommendations or refer me to a legal partner?

Gust Launch’s ability to “recommend” a legal partner to Gust Launch Accelerate customers is limited because our process has to conform to the legal ethics rules in all 50 states. These rules exist to prevent unauthorized referral services.

In cooperation with these rules, we created a curated legal directory that allows us to ethically provide potential partners for customers to connect with. Our process takes the information we have already collected as part of a Gust Launch customer's incorporation process (industry, product, physical address) and compares that against the information we collect from our legal partners (offices, industries, how many new clients they will take per month). We can then provide the customer with a list of potential partners that may be a good fit (based on objective facts) for their company and may have an office close to them. Ultimately, a Gust Launch customer must make their own determination of which legal partner they would like to connect with. 

Last updated on October 3, 2018