Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “non-accruing hourly credit?”

Bills for legal services are generally calculated using an "hour" of work as the unit of billing.

A non-accruing hourly credit is a credit provided each month to customers subscribed to Gust Launch Accelerate and Raise plans. The credit is good for one billed hour, which means that the customer’s chosen Gust Launch legal partner will deduct one hour off billed legal service each month. If a customer does not use any legal services from the partner in a month, that hourly credit will not roll forward or accumulate. Additionally, if the customer has an outstanding invoice to the legal partner, the customer can not deduct the next month’s free hour to reduce the outstanding invoice.

Customers and legal partners can make any arrangements outside of the legal offering to which both parties agree within their own separate engagement. Gust will not communicate or dispute legal bills on behalf of customers. The customer must manage their relationship with their attorney.

Last updated on March 29, 2018