Frequently Asked Questions

Do I also need to incorporate in my home state?

In the United States, corporations are incorporated at the state level, so you must choose one state at the time of incorporation. Gust Launch companies are all incorporated in the State of Delaware, which means they are registered to do business within Delaware. When your business passes a certain threshold of business activity in other states, those states require you to register to operate within them as well. Instead of incorporating separately in every state where you do business, there is a simpler method known as "foreign qualification" or "qualifying as a foreign corporation".

Based on individual state law, you will most likely have to register with the state in which you want to do business before you can legally conduct business there. To read how each state defines the meaning of “doing business” within its jurisdiction, consult its Secretary of State Business Entity website.

When you are ready to qualify your business to operate in another state, Gust facilitates the process of obtaining Foreign Qualification in all 50 states.  Read more about foreign qualification here.

Last updated on September 21, 2016