Frequently Asked Questions

How does choosing a name for my startup work and what if I decide I want to change it?

Choosing the right name for your startup is critical. You’ll need to do research to ensure that the business name you wish to use can be registered. It’s important to recognize that if an existing company has a name that is very similar to the one you’d like to use, i.e. an existing company’s name is “Random Company, LLC” and your desired company name is “Random Company, Inc.”, you may not be able to register that name. You should also be aware that your business name may be available for registration in the state of Delaware, but may not be available in your home state or another state that you wish to operate in. A lawyer can help you conduct a search and ensure that any registration issues are avoided (and you can also conduct a search on each state’s SCC website).

You should think very carefully about your business name before registering it, as once the name is registered, changing it requires a legal process that can be quite long and potentially costly, and you’ll need to consult your lawyer. While we don’t directly offer the ability to change your company name on our platform through our workflows, we can put you in touch with resources to amend the company name. Keep in mind, an amendment to the corporation’s name carries a filing fee of $450 to Delaware.

Last updated on February 7, 2019