Frequently Asked Questions

How is my address being used and which address should I use for my principal place of business?

While incorporation for a startup is intended to limit the founder’s liability and provide a structure supportive of the company’s long-term growth, it is not intended to provide a shield of anonymity. The various government agencies under whose jurisdiction you operate, the partners who are extending you credit or providing you services, and the investors who are funding your company, all have a legitimate interest in knowing with whom they are dealing, and where that person is actually located. In fact, under federal law, every bank, broker, lawyer, accountant, credit card issuer and financial partner is required to comply with a detailed set of regulations called Know Your Customer (KYC). This means they are legally mandated to confirm accurate answers to detailed information about their clients, including physical addresses, verified identity, and much more. 

The address you enter during Gust Launch setup will be used for anti-fraud and KYC checks, and be provided to the State of Delaware, the IRS, your lawyer and your accountant. For your principal place of business, you should use the location out of which you will be operating, in the state in which you will be filing your Foreign Qualification. Note that your legal address can be changed at any time.

Last updated on February 22, 2017