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When the time comes for an early stage investment you will need a dependable valuation. Gust has teamed up with the best valuation experts in the business to provide a dependable, accurate, and affordable pre-money valuation report.

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Don't spend days or weeks trying to estimate a pre-money valuation. Answer our twelve simple questions and instantly receive a professional valuation estimate.

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Our valuation methodology was created by the experts at Preferred Return who valued hundreds of the top venture-backed companies, including Canary, DuckDuckGo, and Handy.

What's in the report?

An accurate pre-money valuation range - use this range to shape the conversation with your investors

An overview explanation of your key strengths and the justification of your valuation estimate

An explanation of your key areas of concern, with recommendations for how to mitigate risk or potential investor obstacles

Use the Gust pre-money valuation report to confidently indicate your valuation if you are raising equity, or to inform the cap on your Convertible Note or SAFE.

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Questions? We've got answers

Can you value any company?

Some companies are too early stage or outside of established early-stage growth patterns to be valued. In these cases the Pre-Money Valuation (PMV) report provides recommendations for next steps. See additional limitations in the following answer.

Are there any limitations to the PMV report?

Value Range Limitations are for companies valued less than the minimum average valuation for your region (can be between $350K and $1M USD) and more than the maximum average valuation for your region (can be between $2.5M and $8M USD).

Do I need more than one Pre-money Valuation?

For your PMV, you may want to request an additional report if your business circumstances have materially changed. This is particularly true if your company is so early stage that it cannot be professionally valued. A PMV is not static, especially during the earliest stages of a company.

How do I use my Pre-money Valuation (PMV) reports?

The PMV report provides a professional estimate, accurate within 10%, of your company’s worth. The report will also indicate if your company has not yet reached a minimum valuation. The PMV report provides: 1) a valuation range, 2) the rationale for the valuation, and 3) insights for how to reduce risk and strengthen your valuation position. The report is best used to shape the conversation you will have with investors regarding your company’s worth. This conversation may inform ownership negotiations in the case of equity, or the cap on a convertible note. For either purpose it provides a reliable range to begin the conversation. This report should also be used to help fill in the applicable sections of your Gust company profile.

What’s your refund policy?

If you are at all unhappy with your purchase and would like a refund, you can connect with us via the service link in your profile. A Customer Success agent will make sure to follow up and understand your concerns. If you are still dissatisfied, we will refund 100% of the applicable fees.