DBA Registration

Allows you to conduct business in a name other than your own (or your company’s) legal name, and allows others to identify the person or entity behind the business name you’ve registered.

What is the difference between a DBA and a trademark?

deal lead

The investor or investment organization taking primary responsibility for organizing an investment round in a company. The deal lead typically finds the company, negotiates the terms of the investment, invests the largest amount and serves as the primary liaison between the company and the other investors.

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Borrowed money that needs to be paid back. The entrepreneur rents the money for a specific period of time and promises to pay interest on the money for as long as the loan is outstanding.

demo day

A public pitch event or “graduation” day for a group of startups in an accelerator or other program at which each company has 5–15 minutes to present its investment opportunity to potential investors in attendance.


When a company sells additional shares of stock, thereby decreasing the percentage ownership of existing shareholders. Note that if the valuation of the new sale is at a high enough level, the value of stock held by existing investors may increase, even though the percentage ownership may decrease.

How does equity dilution work for startups?

discounted convertible note

A loan that converts into the same equity security being purchased in a future investment round, but at a discounted price representing a risk premium for the early investment.

due diligence

The process of investigation whereby both an investor and an entrepreneur have the opportunity to analyze and assess each other for the potential of an investment opportunity and partnership.

8 Key Questions To Expect In Investor Due Diligence

duty of care

A fiduciary duty of a board of directors that obligates board members to reasonably avail themselves of all material information before making a business decision.

duty of loyalty

A fiduciary duty of a board of directors that requires a director to put the interests of the stockholders ahead of their own individual interests.