Frequently Asked Questions

What are AWS Activate credits?

As of April 11th, 2023, AWS has revoked access to higher-tier credit offers from their partnership network. We are working with the Activate team to explore new options. For the time being, Gust Launch users only have access to $5k in AWS credits.

Gust Launch customers can redeem up to $5,000 in credit from Amazon Web Services (AWS), provided they meet Amazon’s eligibility requirements.

Amazon Web Services provides startups with low cost, easy to use IT infrastructure (computing power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality) needed to scale and grow any size business. AWS Activate is a program designed to provide startups with resources they need to get started on AWS. Many of the fastest-growing startups in the world are customers of AWS.

Additional benefits

In addition to the promotional credits, AWS Activate also includes:

You can redeem your AWS credits from the Partner Perks page inside Gust Launch. It can take Amazon up to 2 weeks to approve your use of these credits.

Note: Companies may not be eligible for Promotional Credit if they previously received a similar or greater amount. Companies can sometimes be "topped up" to a higher credit amount if they previously received a lower credit. For more information, please review the AWS Activate Terms & Conditions.

Last updated on June 8, 2020