Frequently Asked Questions

Foreign Qualification

How much does foreign qualification cost?

The cost to apply for Foreign Qualification varies by state. The total cost you pre-pay before you fill out your application is determined by: 

Do I need a lawyer to form a foreign corporation?

Once you are incorporated in Delaware, the process of registering as a foreign corporation in a new state is procedural. You are not obliged to engage a lawyer for this purpose, although you may certainly engage one for advice if you desire. If you are a Gust Launch Accelerate subscriber who has formed a relationship with a Gust Launch legal partner, you may also of course direct requests for legal advice to them.

When do I need to register as a foreign corporation?

You need to register as a foreign corporation once you plan to “do business” in a state. Routine business actions such as opening a company bank account, opening an office, recording revenue and hiring employees are among the criteria that states use in determining that you are doing business in their state. Each state has different standards for determining when you have sufficient presence in the state. 

How do I apply for foreign qualification in a particular state?

How long does it take to become a registered foreign corporation?

What if the name I want in the foreign state is already taken?

What is foreign qualification?

Do I have tax obligations in the state of foreign qualification?

How do I dissolve my foreign qualification in my home state and how much will it cost?

What are the responsibilities of a foreign corporation?

Do I need a Delaware Certificate of Good Standing?

Do I need to file a DBA?