Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to file a DBA?

A DBA (“doing business as”) goes by several names, including “assumed business name,” “trade name,” and “fictitious business name.” A DBA is a state or county filing that allows a corporation to be referred to by a name that is not its legal entity name. Often a DBA is used to create multiple business lines without having to register separate corporations. For example, a company named “Legal Company, Inc.” using the names “Product A,” “Product B,”, and “Product C” in their product and marketing materials would likely need to file a DBA for each separate product line in each state that they are doing business. According to many attorneys, it is best practice to file a DBA, even when dropping the corporate suffix (the “inc” or similar term) in product and marketing materials, in order to avoid the penalties for non-compliance.

Each state will have its own processes and requirements that a company may have to meet in order to register a DBA. Gust does not directly support DBA filing; if you have questions on how specific statutes and regulations apply to your company, you should speak with a qualified attorney.

Last updated on October 3, 2019