Frequently Asked Questions

How much does foreign qualification cost?

The cost to apply for Foreign Qualification varies by state. The total cost you pre-pay before you fill out your application is determined by: 

  • The documents the selected foreign state requires from Delaware
  • The flat service fee that our partner Harvard Business Services charges for the selected state to complete your application and obtain filing approval. This fee is based on HBS's experience handling applications for all states.

Note: Gust does not charge any fees on top of the fees mentioned above. 

Gust Launch lists the cost of foreign qualification in any state before you purchase. See these instructions to find out what your foreign qualification will cost.

Once you form a foreign corporation in a new state, the state will send you further instruction as to its ongoing requirements for you to maintain your corporation in good standing. Be sure to open this mailing and read it in detail. There may be an immediate filing requirement within 90 days after registering. Typically, there is a once annual filing required, for a fee, to maintain your registered status. Some states require more than one annual filing. Check that state's Secretary of State Business Entity website for the annual filing requirements.

You will also be responsible for your annual franchise tax in that state. Refer to that state's Department of Revenue website for its filing and fee requirements to satisfy the annual business entity franchise tax.

Last updated on December 4, 2017