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Build a MVP and Validate Your Plan with Customers

By this point, the word “lean” has been so used so frequently and in so many contexts that you could be forgiven for thinking that it was completely meaningless. But it’s actually quite the opposite. The reason the term—and the thinking that it represents—has swept the startup world is because it makes fundamental sense. Originally developed by Steve Blank and brought to popular attention by Eric Ries in his bestselling book and subsequent series, the core philosophy boils down to a loop that cycles through three steps: Build. Measure. Learn.
David S. Rose
17 Nov 2022

Test Your Business Model Against These 10 Elements

You can’t succeed in business without an operational model that delivers value to customers at a reasonable price, with an underlying cost that allows you to make a profit. There are no “overrides” – for example, businesses don’t thrive just because they offer the latest technology, or because everyone wants to be “green,” or because their goal is to reduce world hunger. I expect that should seem intuitive to all entrepreneurs, but every investor I know has many stories about startup funding requests with major business model elements missing. The most common failures are solutions looking for a problem, lack of a defined market, or an inadequate revenue model.
Martin Zwilling
Martin Zwilling , Founder and CEO , Startup Professionals
8 Nov 2022

Translate Your Idea into a Compelling Business Model

A business model is the idea that underlies a successful business. It describes how the business creates value for customers, delivers that value to them, and captures a portion of the value for its owners. Every successful business, no matter how large or small, complex or simple, operates according to a business model that makes sense. (Of course, some large, complex companies operate according to several business models at once, since they include divisions or departments that create, deliver, and capture value in varying ways. But don’t let that confuse you.) Therefore, one of the most important steps you need to take as an entrepreneur is to transform your business idea into a business model that shows how you’ll create, deliver, and capture value.
David S. Rose
4 Nov 2022

5 Important Resources You Can Use to Raise Capital for Your Startup

As a founder, you likely have a lot on your mind. Raising capital for your startup is probably near the top of your mental "to-do" list, but chances are you haven't really gotten around to starting on it just yet. It’s important to raise capital to support growth and scalability in the early stages. While it might be a stressful task, raising capital isn't really something you can leave on the back burner.
Logan Burchett
28 Oct 2022

8 Tips on How Much Money to Ask for from Investors

Startups ask me “How much money should I ask for?” The simple answer is the absolute minimum amount you need to make your plan work. Some entrepreneurs try to start with a huge number, hoping they can negotiate and close on a smaller one, while others understate their requirements, in hopes of getting their foot […]
Martin Zwilling
Martin Zwilling , Founder and CEO , Startup Professionals
20 Oct 2022
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