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How to raise an angel round in 10 simple steps

Number one, understand your business. It sounds obvious, but the majority of entrepreneurs who pitch me have obviously never thought through many of the major issues surrounding their companies. You should know EVERYTHING about your business, product, customers and competition. You should know every metric regarding customer acquisition, conversion and retention. You should have a crystal clear understanding of your business model and your financials. And all of this should be at the tips of your fingers so you can instantly answer any questions you are asked about it.
David Rose
8 Jun 2023

6 Key Components Of A Business Plan Executive Summary

Modern investors love to first read a two-page summary of your business plan, formatted like a glossy marketing collateral sheet, with text well laid out in columns and sidebars, and a couple of relevant graphics. This one had better grab their attention, or they won’t look further.
Martin Zwilling
Martin Zwilling , Founder and CEO , Startup Professionals
30 May 2023

Reincorporating Your Non-US Startup in the U.S. through the “Delaware Flip”

Imagine that you are the founder of a Brazilian B2B SaaS startup that has landed a few enterprise clients and has some good traction. Your sights are now set on raising capital in Silicon Valley to scale your business and reach new markets. While your conversations with U.S. based investors are productive, you soon realize that they are unwilling to invest in your Brazilian startup as it is governed by laws they are not familiar with. The U.S. investors request that your company re-incorporate in the State of Delaware.
David De La Flor
David De La Flor , Startup Attorney , SPZ Legal, P.C.
17 May 2023

Founder Spotlight – Transforming Recruiting to Matchmaking for Increased Efficiency and Engagement

Enployable, Inc. is the world's first value-based AI job matching platform. After witnessing the challenges that my friends faced while looking for new jobs during the pandemic, I wanted to find a better approach to the job market. Traditionally, the hiring process focuses on whether a candidate's skills and experience match the job description, and the process of screening candidates can be labor-intensive. However, many employees exhibit low levels of engagement and satisfaction, resulting in high turnover rates (think of the Great Resignation and Quiet Quitting).
Laura Truncellito
Laura Truncellito , Founder and CEO , Enployable, Inc.
10 May 2023

Recruit Your Boards of Directors and Advisors

Once your company is incorporated, you are legally required to have a board of directors. Its official purpose is to represent the rights and viewpoints of shareholders—you, as well as your fellow company owners. But the board of directors should also serve a number of valuable purposes that can help to fuel and sustain your company’s growth and long-term success.
David S. Rose
1 May 2023
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