Gust: Venture Forward

Ilana Grossman
Ilana Grossman , Chief Marketing Officer , GUST INC.
13 Sep 2011

Most of us love the idea of a new beginning, a makeover, and a fresh start. Yet,
despite the tremendous amount of innovation in our space, there is still a huge
amount of, (excuse the graphic word), regurgitation going on in our blogosphere.
I’m not referring to the use of viral media to spread good ideas; I’m referring to
the frequency with which old thoughts get re-packaged and spread, under new

Here at Gust we are truly writing a new story. We came up with a product idea that
is unique, leveraging the assets we built over almost seven years under the umbrella
name of Angelsoft. And in bringing this new product to market, we created a new
and equally original brand. Gust does not sound, look or feel like anything else out
there. But it does convey some attributes of what we bring to market: a fast and
strong force to help take ventures forward on a global scale.

We’re committed to applying this level of authenticity in everything we do. This new
Gust blog – which I hope you will follow – will have an original voice, but will not
represent solely one school of thought. We have the only truly global, integrated,
cross-audience platform and user-base in this space,
 and the goal is to bring the
richness of this community to life in this forum to exchange ideas and experiences in
a provocative and inclusive way.

We hope you will join us as we venture forward.

Gust Launch can set your startup right so its investment ready.

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