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Gust's SaaS funding platform provides all the tools entrepreneurs need to manage their startup funding process, from pitch to exit. Upload your pitch video, describe your team, connect with investors, and manage your post-investment relationships. Investors have already funded 1800+ startups in the last twelve months!

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Built for Entrepreneurs

The fundraising process can be a long and daunting one. Entrepreneurs have the difficult task of tracking down investors who are both interested and right for their business, and then provide them with the information they need to make an informed investment decision. Gust simplifies this process by bringing together everything entrepreneurs need to connect and collaborate with investors.

The Community

Gust supports thousands of accredited investors across 80+ countries - the largest community of active angel investors and startups.

The Insights

Understanding the fundraising process is crucial to an entrepreneur’s success. To help entrepreneurs navigate the fundraising process, we offer education about how to fundraise through our blog.

The Tools

Your startup profile contains the information investors want to know. Taking the time to complete it in a professional way will help you articulate your venture effectively to accredited investors.

Incorporation & Equity Management

Our new end to end incorporation and equity management solution is designed for high-growth companies. Developed with the country’s leading law firms and seed investment funds, Gust Launch will prepare your company for investment.

Incorporation as a Delaware C-Corporation
Online Company Formation
Federal Tax Identification Number (EIN)
Online Cap Table Management & Stock Issuances
Tax Compliance Monitoring and Legal Guidance
Gust is a Delaware Registered Agent

How Gust Works

Find & Pitch Startup Investors
  • Create a Startup Profile

    Your startup profile serves as a universal funding application accepted by all investors on our SaaS funding platform.

  • Control Who Sees What

    Choose which information to share publicly and which to share privately with accredited investors.

  • Share Documents Securely

    Upload and selectively share your business documents with potential accredited investors.

  • Track Investor Activity

    Easily track the status of your applications and manage investor relationships.

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