Frequently Asked Questions

How can I open a business bank account through Gust Launch?

Launch previously integrated with Azlo. As of January 13th 2021, BBVA — Azlo's parent bank — is shutting Azlo down.

Gust partners with Brex to provide startup focused banking solutions for Gust Launch companies. Brex provides an FDIC insured bank alternative with additional flexibility and rewards optimized to help startups.

In February 2021 Gust Launch will release a fully integrated onboarding experience to streamline applications to Brex by pre-filling information we have on file and collecting additional information from beneficial owners. Until then, your dashboard contains a referral link that will grant you 10,000 Brex points after you spend $3,000 with your new Brex account.

For more information about Brex, see What is Brex?

Last updated on January 12, 2021