The state is backed up but we're giving our customers a boost so their startups can get down to business as soon as possible.

What is happening?

The Delaware division of corporations is significantly backlogged in processing new corporation registrations. This will impact any organization that does any kind of corporate filings or amendments including Gust Launch. While they normally turn things around in a few days, it is currently taking nearly a month for regular orders, and a week or two for next-day expedited orders. All other expedited options are also taking much longer than advertised. We are automatically expediting orders from our customers at our expense to ensure they get set up in a timely fashion.

How long will this last?

Delaware doesn't publish any updates on processing time expectations but we're in touch with them daily and will provide updates as things change. We've added a Delaware Division of Corporations section to our status page where we'll provide more information and updates as they come.

My filing is time sensitive, is there anything I can do?

While we are expediting all Launch customers there are some additional rush options we can facilitate at some additional expense. Reach out to our support team via the chat bubble or email for more information.

This article is intended for informational purposes only, and doesn't constitute tax, accounting, or legal advice. Everyone's situation is different! For advice in light of your unique circumstances, consult a tax advisor, accountant, or lawyer.