Founder Spotlight – Transforming Recruiting to Matchmaking for Increased Efficiency and Engagement

Laura Truncellito
Laura Truncellito , Founder and CEO , Enployable, Inc.
10 May 2023

Welcome to the Gust Launch Founder Spotlight! Gust Launch supports a variety of exciting founders doing amazing things. In this ongoing series, we’ll highlight the experiences of Gust Launch founders, in their own words, as they navigate the challenges of early-stage entrepreneurship.

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The Founder, the company, and why we’re excited

A seasoned technical founder who prides herself in working with the latest in cutting-edge technology, Laura Truncellito is working on building Enployable, a platform whose mission is to improve on the hiring process without compromising its integrity. We are thrilled to support and showcase a startup that is using artificial intelligence but will not forget the human elements of what should exist in the workplace.

Who is Enployable? What problems are we solving?

Enployable, Inc. is the world’s first value-based AI job matching platform. After witnessing the challenges that my friends faced while looking for new jobs during the pandemic, I wanted to find a better approach to the job market. Traditionally, the hiring process focuses on whether a candidate’s skills and experience match the job description, and the process of screening candidates can be labor-intensive. However, many employees exhibit low levels of engagement and satisfaction, resulting in high turnover rates (think of the Great Resignation and Quiet Quitting).

Our AI algorithms focus on factors that matter the most, such as mission, values, beliefs, and work styles – factors that are difficult to discern quickly from resumes or interviews. Essentially, while everyone else is asking “Are you qualified for this job?”, we want to ask “Do you love this job?”

Gust Launch can help you reduce costs and make sure you take the necessary steps to stay compliant

Our solution and our progress

Our solution is an AI-powered engine that focuses on two-way matching between employers’ mission and culture and job candidates’ values, beliefs, and soft skills, and we can perform such matching at a large scale. We design and fine-tune machine learning models that are in the same family as ChatGPT, as well as our proprietary, patent-pending matching algorithms, to make this happen.

In addition, Enployable finds the hidden workforce: those who are not on typical job posting sites, not actively seeking work, or non-traditional workers. We are currently working with a few industries that are experiencing talent shortages, such as healthcare, hospitality, and construction.

Enployable is deeply committed to diversity and inclusion. Our mission is to provide opportunities to members of underrepresented groups and to eliminate discrimination and other obstacles. Our algorithms have been designed to minimize the potential for bias, and we work hard every day to lift up those who have faced the greatest challenges from traditional job searches.

Enployable has been recognized by the Founder Institute, WomenTech Network, and Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Circles, and we won the 2021 Virginia Startup of the Year from HackerNoon.

We have received very positive customer feedback. As one of our customers said, “Laura’s magic worked for us! Can’t wait to use her service more!” Check out our customer success stories for more information.

Have you gone through an Accelerator? How has that experience helped (or not)?

I received a scholarship from WomenTech Network to complete the accelerator program with the Founder Institute. It was during my time at the Founder Institute that I founded Enployable and it has completely changed my life forever.

Have you done any fundraising? What was it like? Can you share your experience going through investor meetings? Or are you bootstrapped and self-funded?

Enployable is currently bootstrapped and self-funded. It is revenue-generating and has received attention from investors. We are beginning to look into fundraising this year.

Do you have any advice for other underrepresented/systematically excluded founders?

There’s no doubt that non-traditional founders face more obstacles. The key is to not be deterred by them. Your traction will speak for itself.

What were some of the hurdles or interesting stories on your path to where you are now?

Building a company from scratch is one of the most difficult tasks imaginable, yet it’s also the most rewarding experience if you’re the right type of person. On my desk, I have a sign that says, ‘Everything seems impossible until it’s done.’ I remind myself every day that it’s truly a privilege to do what I love and work with so many amazing people. Yes, it’s hard, but in a way, I feel that I’ve reached new heights during the process.

How has Gust helped along the way?

Gust has been really helpful since the beginning, including facilitating our company’s incorporation and providing administrative support ever since. I’ve also enjoyed their workshops on crucial topics such as cap tables and funding. By taking care of the legal side of operations, Gust allows me and my team to focus on building our business.

Where can I learn more about Enployable?

Enployable is especially interested in working with innovative organizations with an understanding of the importance of human capital and a desire to create a better workplace. To learn more about us and how we can help you hire or find your next career, please visit or chat with me. I hope to hear from you soon!

Gust Launch can help you reduce costs and make sure you take the necessary steps to stay compliant

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