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Who, When, and How Much? A Quick Introduction to Startup Financing

For a first time entrepreneur trying to figure out the arcane world of startup financing, it can be very confusing to understand the roles that different types of investors play in funding promising companies, as well as the point in a company’s life at which they enter the stage. It is not unusual to hear people refer […]
David S. Rose
David S. Rose , Founder and CEO , GUST INC.
3 Oct 2011

Getting Started With Gust

Welcome to Gust! This guide will help you get your funding search off the ground. It includes tips on what to include in your startup profile, how to find investors that are appropriate for your venture, and how to manage your relationships throughout the funding process. Contents: Before you begin Completing your profile Expert tips Finding […]
Martin Zwilling
Martin Zwilling , Founder and CEO , Startup Professionals
30 Sep 2011

Knowledge Is Power: Convertible Note Financing Terms, Part I

The most successful serial entrepreneurs in the world may found three or four, perhaps even eight or ten venture-backed startups over the course of their careers. By contrast, venture capitalists and angel investors typically make scores or even hundreds of investments over the course of their careers. It should therefore come as no surprise that an asymmetry […]
Antone Johnson
Antone Johnson , Founding Principal , Bottom Line Law Group
29 Sep 2011

The World of Gust

Today’s unveiling of Gust, the global infrastructure for early stage entrepreneurial financing, is a milestone that has been seven years in the making. When we originally conceived of a single platform tying together the world’s entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists and supporting organizations, it quickly became apparent that the biggest challenge had nothing to do with technology. […]
David S. Rose
David S. Rose , Founder and CEO , GUST INC.
13 Sep 2011

5 Things I Look For When Investing in a Startup

Since this is my inaugural post here, I decided it would fit the occasion to list the five things I value most in an startup investment proposal. What I say here is my opinion and mine alone. It’s the result of several decades in high tech, three years as an investor in a local Oregon angel […]
Tim Berry
Tim Berry , Founder , Palo Alto Software
13 Sep 2011
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