Frequently Asked Questions

Who should NOT join Gust Launch?

Unfortunately, Gust Launch isn't the best option for every new company. Here are a few requirements and considerations:

  • Gust Launch companies are required to have a US-based address where they can receive mail. Sorry, a P.O. box doesn't count!
  • Gust Launch legal and financial partners have to follow professional and legal guidelines so businesses in certain categories may not be able eligible to take advantage of those partnerships. Some categories that may be problematic include: money services (like lending); lottery; gambling; pornography; marijuana (recreational or medical); NGO, not-for-profit, or charity; selling prepaid debit cards; operating as a virtual currency exchange; operating ATMs; dealing in precious metals or stones
  • Gust Launch is built around a philosophy of standardization. We believe that adopting agreements and processes based on industry standards and best practices saves time and money, and keeps the path to fundraising free of adminstrative friction. While we support a variety of customization, if you have very specific ideas about how your corporation and equity should be structured, Gust Launch might not be the best fit.

If you’re not sure if your startup is a good fit for Gust Launch (or if you have any questions), we’re always happy to talk.

Last updated on February 10, 2021