Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Bylaws? Can I change them later?

Bylaws are the ground rules for how a company is made and operated. So that Gust Launch can deliver accurate, legal, consistent workflows for your company that are all correctly synchronized and consistent with everything else you are doing, and do so without the need for expensive legal review every time the company acts, it is crucial that your company has an industry standard form of bylaws with known provisions.

The Bylaws created by Gust Launch are based on forms used by the most successful companies in Silicon Valley and throughout American business, and have been reviewed word-by-word to improve the language and incorporate the most current best practices. Most of the bylaws are a direct reflection of existing Delaware corporate law and common business norms. In some places Gust, in conjunction with our legal partners, has made decisions that will best ensure a company’s smooth, efficient, automated operation. Your company can amend its Bylaws at any time by a properly conducted consent of its shareholders outside of Gust Launch, but from that point forward you may no longer be able to take advantage of Gust Launch’s advanced features, and may need to move off the platform.

Last updated on August 21, 2017