Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. But please be very sure that you want to do so, because you’ll need replacement services and it’s a one-way street.

Gust Launch is available as an annual commitment, and you may cancel your subscription before any renewal. If you have decided to wind down your company, Gust will work to help you do so cleanly, legally and as inexpensively as possible. The cost for that is included with your Gust Launch subscription (although you will obviously be responsible for any taxes or fees you owe the government, and any obligations you have to third parties.) 

However, if you intend to continue in business but simply want to change vendors, while we will be disappointed, we will do everything we can to help you transition. If you have been a subscriber for less than a year and are paying monthly when you decide to switch, you will still be responsible for the remaining balance on your annual commitment.

Note, however, that because all of the services that Gust Launch will have been providing you are services that your business realistically needs in order to function, before you cancel Gust Launch you will want to have arranged for replacement providers for each of those services, so that we can cleanly hand them off. 

Among the services you are going to need are: a Delaware registered agent, cap table management software, and a lawyer. If you have chosen to add Financials packages, you will also need accounting software and a bookkeeper. Finally, because the only way Gust is able to provide all of the Gust Launch services is to start them from the very beginning of the company and keep them in sync and audit-able, there is, unfortunately, no easy way to re-enter the Gust Launch platform once you leave. So you may end your relationship with Gust at any time, but please be sure that you carefully consider your next steps.

Last updated on January 5, 2018