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  • Ring
    San Diego, CA, USA · Healthcare Services

    Cuida addresses the problem of loneliness and social isolation among seniors using voice technology to help people live an independent and fulfilling life.

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    Plainview, NY, USA · Healthcare Services

    THC provides affordable access to healthcare for those who find health insurance out-of-reach or whose benefits have been reduced

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    Neshkoro, WI, USA · Healthcare Services

    Quietyme persistent patient experience telemetry. Better sleep produces healthier, happier patients.

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    Kansas City, KS, US · Healthcare Services

    Play-it Health provides real time health engagement data distilled into concise, actionable, indices.

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    Asheville, NC, USA · Healthcare Services

    We provide cloud based bridge services connecting individuals and their health information to medical professionals, insurers & employers.

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    Moraga, CA, USA · Healthcare Services

    Empower's digital behavioral health solutions transform psychotherapy into an e-learning platform to reduce cost and increase accessibility.

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    Washington, D.C., DC, USA · Healthcare Services

    Open Cancer Network is a big data analytics platform enabling identification of unusual patterns causing chronic diseases such as cancer.

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    Austin, TX, USA · Healthcare Services

    The 21st Century Solution to "help I've fallen and I can’t get up".

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    Chicago, IL, US · Healthcare Services

    IntellaTriage provides a proven, virtual, technology based model that delivers quality, remote based, nurse care to patients across the healthcare continuum.

  • Careacademy
    Boston, MA, US · Healthcare Services

    Educating in-home caregivers to provide excellent care.