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    Miami, FL, USA · Healthcare Services

    Measure how you feel with a device you already own

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    Barcelona, Spain · Healthcare Services

    TripMedic allows you to book a doctor that speaks your language whilst abroad and have your medical records always on hand!

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    Toronto, ON, Canada · Healthcare Services

    Smart Flow Sheet™ is a cloud-based application which will revolutionize the way veterinarians care about in- hospital patients.

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    Phoenix, AZ, US · Healthcare Services for residential care homes and assisted living centers. Allowing owners and management to mange their online availability and pricing.

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    London, ON, Canada · Healthcare Services

    The Future of Personal Training.

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    Sydney NSW, Australia · Healthcare Services

    The Future of Integrated Decentralised Healthcare Human Platform

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    Kansas City, KS, US · Healthcare Services

    Play-it Health provides real time health engagement data distilled into concise, actionable, indices.

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    Minneapolis, MN, US · Healthcare Services

    The first portable athletic health record for youth sports organizations.

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    London, United Kingdom · Healthcare Services

    Invest GBP 3 million (@ 15% ROI/Y) in a round the clock, UK based medical tourism & India based ambulance service, by a mobile app and dedicated call centre.

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    Sydney NSW, Australia · Healthcare Services

    Lucidium aims to improve patient outcomes using emerging technologies.