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Healium reduces anxiety by a third in as little as four minutes without drugs. It uses patented VR and AR tech powered by consumer wearables to visualize stress

  • Stage Product In Market
  • Industry Healthcare Services
  • Location Columbia, MO, US
  • Currency USD
  • Founded September 2015
  • Employees 5
  • Incorporation Type C-corp
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Company Summary

Healium is a patented, drugless solution for stress that quickly reduces anxiety in as little as 4 minutes by using mood states to control media. These virtual & augmented reality stories are powered by the user's brain patterns and heart rate via their wearables. In three peer-reviewed journals, Healium has been shown to reduce anxiety & quickly increase positivity. It's the first XR platform powered by a brain-computer interface + heart rate.


  • National Edward R. Murrow, NAB Service to America & 12-time mid-America Emmy award-winning media technologist. Hill is the CEO & Chief Storyteller for StoryUP XR, an interactive immersive media company. Hill has led successful programs for more than 20 years in the broadcasting industry. Hill created the proprietary tech behind the world's first media channel powered by biometrics. You've seen her work at Cannes, SXSW, & Ocululus at Sundance.

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    Dr. Tarrant built the proprietary tech behind the world's first mind-powered media channel. He wrote the book on neuromeditation which spent some time as #1 in psychotherapy section. Ph.D., Counseling Psych, from the University of Missouri in 1997. He is a board-certified neurofeedback specialist. His work utilizes several forms of tech-based therapies including neurotherapy, audio-visual entrainment, brain blood flow biofeedback HEG, and HRV.

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    XR Design Lead

    Ricky designed the world's first AR and VR platform powered by a brain-computer interface. He's a 3D Artist who builds virtual worlds controlled by the user's neurology and biometrics. Ricky has a BA of Game Art and Design from the Art Institutes International in Kansas City. Ask him about his time working in subfreezing temperatures on an oil rig.

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    Executive Chair

    Named 2014 Missouri Entrepreneur of the Year. Jim had a successful $35M exit in 2014 when Scripps acquired his mobile video company, Newsy. Jim’s led content and partnerships as VP and GM positions at NBC News, Ask Jeeves and AOL.

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    Global Business Development Lead

    XR technologist building products at the intersection of XR, bio-informatics, and wearables. An expert in change management, Wendy comes to Healium from the banking industry.

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