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    Belo Horizonte, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil · Clean Technology, Construction, Industrial/Energy, Mining, and Robotics

    Acelerando a transformação do amanhã

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    $35k per team · 5.0% equity · San Francisco, CA, USA · Aerospace, Business Products, Business Services, Computers and Peripherals, Electronics / Instrumentation...

    Accelerator program for startups building enterprise DeepTech products/services for 5G.

  • Valkyrie by mike deodato 201
    $100k per team · 25.0% equity · Sydney NSW, Australia · Clean Technology, Digital Marketing, Education, Fashion, Food and Beverage...

    Do What You Desire

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    New York, NY, USA · Agriculture, Business Products, Business Services, Clean Technology, Computers and Peripherals...

    Breaking through traditional venture capital barriers to empower the next generation of tech entrepreneurs.

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    San Francisco, CA, USA · Biotechnology, Business Products, Business Services, Chemicals and Chemical Products, Clean Technology...

    IDA is the first digital marketplace dedicated to connecting female entrepreneurs to resources, investors, and mentors to increase accessibility and help founders launch or grow their businesses.

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    $5k per team · 0.0% equity · Ottawa, ON, Canada · Digital Marketing, IT Services, and Retailing / Distribution

    Pushing beyond limits

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    $100k per team · 50.0% equity · Seattle, WA, USA · Biotechnology and IT Services

    webtoon, algorithm, devlopment

  • Investinkin logo final jpg
    New York, NY, USA · Aerospace, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Business Products, Business Services...

    Investing in the Community

  • Logo
    Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil · Agriculture, Biotechnology, Clean Technology, Construction, Digital Marketing...

    Transformando sua startup em um negócio real

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    Hyderabad, Telangana, India · Agriculture, Education, and Healthcare Services

    An accelerator that maximizes an enterprise's potential for societal benefit and profit