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Cornerstone Angels

Angel Group · 74 Members · Northbrook, IL, USA · ACA
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Cornerstone Angels seeks to bridge the growing funding gap between start-up and institutional capital, helping to seed the companies of tomorrow.

Our Investment Focus

Cornerstone is focused on seed and Series A investments in high growth ventures which are capital efficient. We are located in Chicago area and are focused on investments in the greater Midwest; however, we will invest nationally for the right opportunities. We are willing to invest alongside of other angels, angel groups, and VCs in syndicates.

Key General Criteria include:

  • Use of funds focused on sales and marketing execution, not R&D

  • Product or service needs to be developed, with preference for customer validation either through usage or sales

  • Strong management team in place, with good mix of domain expertise and early venture experience

  • Funding round generally larger than $500K and less than $3 million

  • Pre-money valuation generally less than $5 million

Investment Process:

* Application: A company first must apply through submission of the online application on Gust. Please note that there is a $50 fee for the application. The Application Fee is a non-refundable processing fee and is retained by Cornerstone Angels whether or not a company is selected to present at future screening or investment meetings. We are sensitive to any fees to entrepreneurs as the core of our activities is focused on finding high quality investments. The application fee is a low-cost way for entrepreneurs and our group to interact and help control the quality of submissions. As always, we encourage entrepreneurs to network into our members and other trusted partners to help in getting your business into our review process.

* Pre-Screening: Upon favorable response, a company may be asked to provide additional details. At this point, the company should have provided an executive summary, business plan or investor powerpoint presentation, and summary financials.

* Deal Screening: An in-person screening event will take place with the Company providing a 10 minute presentation and having 10 minutes in Q&A in front of a panel of screeners composed of investors and industry veterans.

* Diligence: A select group of companies will be selected for further review and investigation

* Investment Meeting: 2-3 companies will be invited to present to the Investment Meeting in front of investors. These meetings will typically be held every two months. Each company will make a 15 minute presentation, with up to 20 minutes reserved for Q&A. We also ask the company based on the value received during its involvement with the group, and any funding success that may be achieved, to consider providing the Cornerstone Angels group with an appropriate level of compensation, in cash or equity at the Company's discretion.


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Edison DC Systems

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Page Vault

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KitoTech Medical

Medical Devices and Equipment
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Financial Services
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Internet / Web Services
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IMH, Inc.

Financial Services
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Syrus Global

Micro 0db99927 6376 4afe 98a3 013add28e819

Organic To Go

Food and Beverage
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Amyris Biotechnologies

Clean Technology
Micro dcc5fc1a c922 4f7b 9835 31ceda03ea44

OurStage, Inc.

Internet / Web Services
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Beekeeper Labs Inc.

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Digital Acoustics

Electronics / Instrumentation
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RMI Corporation

Electronics / Instrumentation
Micro 4e9994b4 9922 47e3 adf7 a4ed6f94c694

Companion Diagnostics

Micro aa14977f 7665 497e a1ff a9b7357ae577

Turin Networks

Electronics / Instrumentation
Micro 1ee5e60f 44d6 4f4d 9b2f a2368e0a1eae

SmartCells, Inc

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Consumer Products
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Tela Doc

Healthcare Services
Micro 7fb0527a f1bf 4856 b781 d497e53225a9

U Connect, Inc.

Consumer Products
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Endotronix, Inc.

Medical Devices and Equipment
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Financial Services
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Physician Software Systems

Medical Devices and Equipment
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Neuros Technology

Consumer Products
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Endotronix, Inc.

Medical Devices and Equipment
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Inovus Syndication

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10x Technology

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Advanced Diamond Technologies, Inc.

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Internet / Web Services
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Pursuit Vascular, Inc.

Medical Devices and Equipment
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Vasc-Alert LLC

Medical Devices and Equipment
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Lumec Control Products, Inc

Clean Technology
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Are You a Human

Internet / Web Services
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Hardcore Computer

Computers and Peripherals
Micro logo

Right At School

Micro 90c15ed5 02f3 4434 adbe a8e85c3bba95

Gearbox Express

Clean Technology
Micro dd9eba0a 63fd 434a 9141 32e76c5a8e91

PVPower, Inc.

Clean Technology
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Lucky Litter LLC

Consumer Products

Preferred Industries

  • Business Products
  • Clean Technology
  • Consumer Products
  • Financial Services
  • Food and Beverage
  • Gaming
  • Industrial/Energy
  • Internet / Web Services
  • IT Services
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Mobile
  • Software