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Piedmont Angel Network

Angel Group · 7 Members · Greensboro, NC, US · ACA

About this Program

Piedmont Angel Network (PAN) is a hybrid angel network and committed capital fund that invests in early stage companies with high growth potential.

Our Investment Focus

PAN likes to invest in businesses that are addressing large, painful problems. These businesses do not have to be technology based as long as the problems are sizeable and the markets large. Large markets often mean businesses with a national or international scope with at least $50 to $100 million in annual revenues.

PAN will syndicate with other angels, investment networks or venture firms to raise the remaining balance of the round. PAN will participate in funding rounds as a lead or follow-on investor.


Virtual Race Bags

Marketing / Advertising

Preferred Locations

  • Georgia, US
  • North Carolina, US
  • South Carolina, US
  • Virginia, US