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Perth Angels

Angel Group · 43 Members · Perth, WA, Australia · AAAI
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About this Program

Perth Angels is actively engaged with start-up and emerging SME businesses to provide funding and mentoring support to chosen deals.

Our Investment Focus

To be considered by the Perth Angels network you: 

  • would need to have your product at-least at prototype level with a level of validation of customer demand; Perth Angels typically invests at the Development/Commercialisation stage but would consider follow-on funding at the Growth stage. 

  • ought be able to articulate why your product has superior, even unfair, advantage over alternatives 

  • would need to detail the size of the gap in the markets you are targeting as well as the value of the market in that gap that you believe you can achieve 

  • will be able to simply explain how you will execute from now to a targeted position that will provide the opportunity to realize liquidity in the venture

  • can confirm why your team has the credentials to succeed

  • can detail what investment you are seeking (both funds as well as smarts), both now and in the future; what those funds will be applied to and how that will create value; and the investment structure proposed (the current valuation must be commensurate with the industry/technology sector and commercialisation stages).

Perth Angels typically looks at Investment propositions that require $100,000 to $500,000 for a 15% to 40% holding. 

Perth Angels has participated in ventures that are in the digital and engineered product across a variety of industry sectors including industrial, retail, advertising, transport, media, mining and renewables.

Portfolio Pty Ltd

Internet / Web Services

Trendwise by Inhouse Group Pty Ltd

Internet / Web Services

Preferred Industries

  • Biotechnology
  • Business Products
  • Business Services
  • Clean Technology
  • Computers and Peripherals
  • Construction
  • Consumer Products
  • Consumer Services
  • Healthcare Services
  • Industrial/Energy
  • Internet / Web Services
  • IT Services
  • Lifestyle
  • Medical Devices and Equipment
  • Mobile
  • Networking and Equipment
  • Retailing / Distribution
  • Security
  • Software
  • Telecommunications

Preferred Locations

  • Perth, Western Australia, Australia
  • Australia