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Incubator · 11 Members · New York, NY, US

Our Investment Focus

ACRE seeks to support early stage companies in the cleantech industry. This includes, but is not limited to, companies with innovative technology or business models in energy efficiency, clean energy, and smart cities.

Our ideal member company qualifications are as follows:
- Product is pilot ready with a proven prototype (i.e., exited the lab)
- Have completed preliminary market research and validation
- Founder is looking for mentorship and help in building a team
- Looking to begin or expand operations in New York City

Breakdown of ACRE Benefits and Services:
In exchange for a modest rent, starting at $450/month, companies receive:

1.) Shared office space
- 24/7 access to our shared office space located in downtown Brooklyn
- Access to conference rooms and kitchen room

2.) Professional business support services
- Support raising capital
- Consultation on matters relating to business planning, leadership, talent recruitment, marketing, and sales strategy
- Introductions and access to customers and market channels
- A mentor, if desired

3.) Shared general support services
- Regular office hours with an accountant and lawyer
- Expert graphic designer on staff
- Intern support (fully administered by ACRE)
- Assistance with job posting placements
- Perks including Amazon Web Services credits, Pipedrive, HubSpot, and many others

4.) Community
- Events that bring companies together with high profile guests
- Introductions to leaders and advisors of significant stature in industry and state/city government
- Access to a community of like-minded company founders (an ecosystem of cleantech entrepreneurs)

ACRE is a member of the Incubatenergy Network, a consortium of over 10 clean energy focused incubators across the country.

Does ACRE provide funding to companies?
No, ACRE does not take an equity stake in portfolio companies. ACRE does provide support for raising capital in the form of investor introductions and support with investor meetings.

What is the cost breakdown of being at ACRE?
All benefits and services are provided in exchange for a monthly rent. Rent begins at $450 per month per desk.

How long does the application process take?
The application process occurs on a rolling basis and varies heavily by application volume. Typically expect on average 2-3 months from submission of application to full onboarding.


Lighticians Inc

Media and Entertainment

Go Electric Inc.

Clean Technology

Preferred Industries

  • Clean Technology
  • Industrial/Energy
  • Real Estate
  • Transportation

Preferred Locations

  • New York, NY, US