Halcyon Angels

Angel Group · 13 Members · Washington D.C., DC, USA

About this Program

Halcyon Angels endeavor to add value for entrepreneurs by bringing more than just capital to the table to help impact-driven companies grow and succeed.

Our Investment Focus

Halcyon Angels believes that impact-driven businesses outperform.

What we're looking for:

PRODUCT/MARKET: We are looking for products that address significant problems – demonstrable pain points experienced by individuals or organizations – and provide must-have solutions for significantly large addressable target markets. The company must demonstrate a strategy to claim a reasonable share of this market. 

TEAM: We look for entrepreneurial teams with a track record that matches their passion.  Entrepreneurs must have a deep understanding of their market, an ability to inspire key stakeholders, and the flexibility to learn from their customers and receive input from Halcyon Angels members.

COMPETITIVE POSITIONING: We look for companies that have and leverage an advantage in the marketplace. We believe that impact-driven businesses generate competitive advantage by virtue of their impact orientation, and we’re also looking for specific competitive advantages that will provide long-term protectable market positions.

FINANCIALS: We understand that early-stage company projections generally do not materialize exactly as planned. We’re looking for well thought out and reasonable financial plans that have clear evidence-backed assumptions; demonstrable, clear drivers; and projections that will withstand the inevitable bumps and shifts early-stage companies experience.

TRACTION: We want to see that customers value the solution enough to pay for it and use it.

IMPACT: While we’re sector agnostic, we want to see that impact is baked into the company’s DNA: when the business model works, it creates impact; when the company creates impact, the business model works.


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