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Frontier Angel Fund

Angel Fund · 42 Members · Polson, MT, USA · ACA
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Our Investment Focus

The Frontier Angel Fund is a group of accredited investors dedicated to providing equity capital to early and mid-stage entrepreneurial companies. We are a member managed pooled fund - that is, we review deals together and then vote to invest our pooled capital. Our typical group investment is in the range of $100,000 to $200,000. Our members have the option of investing from their personal accounts along side the fund. Our primary focus is on companies based in western Montana, Montana, and the inland Pacific Northwest.

We evaluate based on management team, market opportunity, growth potential, as well as other factors. To stand out from the rest of the crowd, make sure that you meet our investment criteria and that you are fully prepared with a polished business plan and presentation.

Your valuation must fit within our risk/reward expectations for the investment. Typically, we look for pre-money valuations well below $3 million, from as little as $250K. It takes unusual situations (e.g., a company with existing revenues, issued patents and demonstrated growth) to get us to consider a pre-money valuation higher than $4 million.


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Internet / Web Services
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Pacinian LLC

Computers and Peripherals
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Ntractive LLC

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Indow Windows

Clean Technology
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Ortho Cor

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Cadence Biomedical

Medical Devices and Equipment
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Prosperity Organic Foods

Consumer Products
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Ntractive, LLC

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Walls 360

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Tipu's Tiger Chai, Inc.

Consumer Products
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Ntractive LLC

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Ivus Energy Innovations

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