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Issue options, manage your cap table, and receive 409A valuations. Focus on growing your company — not tracking who owns it.

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Gust Equity Management brings you…

powerful tools to manage company ownership

  • Issue options
  • Receive audit-defensible 409A valuations
  • Powerful cap table software
  • Stay on top of compliance
  • Model fundraising rounds and exits

without the hours of Excel or lawyer time

  • No cost for cap table management software
  • No need to bother (or pay) your lawyers for every action
  • No time-consuming Excel work
  • No workflow-blocking mandatory document uploads
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Valuations and other equity management services provided to 2000+ customers

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Issuing options?

Receive audit-defensible 409A valuations from our in-house analysts as soon as tomorrow.

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If you are running a startup and not using this, you are failing.

Sam Meek, CEO of

I absolutely love the tight relationship it presents between the transaction and the documentation, as opposed to going into DocuSign and pulling the doc across as a PDF.

Joe Grajewski, CFO of

Radius Networks
The product seems like a perfect way for somebody who doesn't have resources for a bunch of legal help to set up and understand their cap table.

Mike Wrather, CEO of


Focus on managing your business, not your cap table

With all your options and securities in one place along with their documents, it’s easy to share the right information with the right people.

Save on legal costs

Other online cap table solutions require substantial support and paperwork filing from your lawyers. We don’t. You and your lawyers will appreciate it, and so will your bank account.

We’re here to help

First time founder? No worries, we can set up your cap table for you and provide trusted support, so you can effortlessly keep it up to date while running your business.

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Powerful cap table management

Our free software offers a full suite of cap table management tools, modeling for rounds and exits, 409A valuations, and ASC718s. Issue options, easily see your cap table at any point in time, and share customizable views with stakeholders.

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Audit-defensible 409A Valuations

By Preferred Return

Next-day valuations that stand up to Big 4 scrutiny. We’ve delivered over 4,000 valuations and our coverage keeps you protected under Safe Harbor with annual refreshes and free updates upon material changes.

Cap table management that works for you.

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