We apply our knowledge of systems biology to optimize yeast for commercial processes in the bio-based chemical market.

  • Stage Product In Development
  • Industry Biotechnology
  • Location Brownsburg, IN, USA
  • Currency USD
  • Founded November 2008
  • Employees 4
  • Incorporation Type C-corp
  • Website xylogenics.com

Company Summary

Xylogenics creates valuable, non-consumed, genetically engineered yeast to drive more efficient production of bio-based chemicals & products. Xylogenics flagship product is for the low barrier to entry fuel ethanol market. Our yeast products will further advance profitability of current biochemical production and enable producers to diversify to higher margin biochemicals such as enzymes, alcohols, nutraceuticals, & high value organic compounds.


  • President & CEO

    Josh is one of the inventors of GX-1 and co-founders of Xylogenics. He received his Ph.D. in yeast biochemistry in 2010 after starting Xylogenics. He has extensive ethanol plant trialing experience where he has built a reputation for his integrity and knowledge. Josh also spearheaded the initial commercial development of GX-1, guiding the team to successfully enable independent development and commercialization of Xylogenics technologies.

  • Chief Scientific Advisor

    Mark is a Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in the Indiana University School of Medicine. He is a Founder and Chief Scientific Advisor of Xylogenics. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in the Department of Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology and did post-doctoral work in the Department of Genetics of the University of Washington (Seattle). Dr. Goebl has over 25 years of experience in yeast biology.

  • Chief Scientific Officer

    Dr. Matt Kelker currently serves as the Chief Scientific Officer. Matt oversees operations of Xylogenics analytical laboratory and interfaces with ethanol plants in order to optimize our laboratory models for plant scale operations. His core duties involve smooth scale-up transitions and analytical support to plant managers, and efficient communications with Xylogenics leadership.

  • Director of Metabolic Engineering

    Dr. Nadaraj Palaniappan is currently working on the design and strategy for delivering a GX-1 cellulosic strain for corn fiber fermentation. This strategy will lead to a huge opportunity for our technology in the emerging cellulosic ethanol market. He has 15 years of molecular microbiological experience in research and development of microbial natural products for application in pharmaceutical and agricultural industries.

  • Director of Systems Biology

    Ross is working alongside Dr. Goebl spearheading the annotation of our newly acquired commercial yeast sequence data. He is also conducting a GX-1 gene profiling study to help Xylogenics better understand yeasts response to industrial fermentations. Under Dr. Craig Pikaard at IU he learned to manage and annotate next generation sequence data. Ross holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the Indiana University School of Medicine.

  • VP of Operations

    Serves as the VP of Operations for Xylogenics, having previously run the Xylogenics lab. Prior to Xylogenics she worked under Dr. Radcliffe at Purdue studying the nutrition of non-ruminants, specifically DDGS metabolism. She has been part of the Xylogenics team since completing her Bachelors in 2010. She has a B.S in biology from Purdue University and will be completing her MBA from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business in 2016.


  • Nicholas E. Mathioudakis (Faegre Baker & Daniels)

Previous Investors

  • Indiana University Medical Group foundation
    Joseph Prochaska Jr. (Irish Angels)

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