TriggerSmart has developed and patented a personalized childproof Smart Gun using RFID technology with (remote) Wide Area Control.

  • Stage Prototype Ready
  • Industry Other
  • Location Charlottesville, VA, USA
  • Currency USD
  • Founded October 2010
  • Employees 2
  • Website

Company Summary

TriggerSmart has patented the first viable, childproof, Smart Gun using RFID technology. We also have the ability to remotely enable and disable childproof guns in restricted zones such as school, airports, etc. This is a gun safety against intruders at home or accidental discharge especially with children. Our target market is women seeking childproof guns. Please see the demo below.


  • Robert Gerard McNamara

    Robert has a background in property development and ownership of a successful Real Estate business. I have identified land, raised investment, acquired planning permission,developed lands, sold property and returned profits to investors. I am currently working full time with TriggerSmart to expand our patent portfolio, mature and ruggerize the technology, then translate our working prototype to a viable product ready for market.

  • Patrick Conor O' Shaughnessy

    Patrick originally came up with the idea for TriggerSmart as a result of watching a news report where an officer was shot and killed as a result of being overpowered and having his weapon used against him. Previously, Patrick has worked in the packaging industry developing cost saving innovations and more recently working on green energy saving projects.

Previous Investors

  • No previous investors.

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