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Happy Smiles For Kids Corp

Unique hand-crafted Stuffed dolls for hospital and military children/teens/adults- for sale individually or in large quantities.

Company Summary

Nurses and community helpers make awesome, unique, hand-crafted stuffed dolls for kids ages 1-101. The Hospital Buddies are for hospital children/teens/adults to hug while they are ill. The kids love them and families are so happy that their child/loved one has something to occupy their time and comfort them. We want to provide Hospital Buddies to all U.S. gift shops as soon as possible.


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    Have owned and run businesses for over 25 years, Consultants at SBDC, local colleges and SBA/SCORE

  • RN for 20 years experience, business associates, SBA Classes/SBDC

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    Megan Susnik
    District Manager/Sales & Distribution

    Family operated business for 20 years

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    Irma and Bricio Ortiz
    Sewing/Mfg dolls and gowns

    20 years business work experience


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