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High-tech social enterprise making nous™: thought-controlled communication system for people who cannot talk or move because of physical disabilities

  • Stage Product In Development
  • Industry Software
  • Location Auckland, New Zealand
  • Currency NZD
  • Founded June 2011
  • Employees 4
  • Incorporation Type Other
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Company Summary

Thought-Wired is a technology start-up that is creating nous™ – a revolutionary thought-controlled communication solution for people who cannot move or talk because of profound disabilities.

There are at least 6 million people around the world who cannot move or speak because of severe physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy and motor-neuron disease/ALS. However, often people with such conditions have healthy, sound minds and are only limited by their physical bodies.

At Thought-Wired, we use brain-sensing technology to bypass these physical limitations and enable meaningful communication for these individuals.
We do this by pairing our proprietary software, nous™, with existing third-party brain-sensing devices. These devices detect thought patterns and translate them into signals. nous™ teaches the user how to control their thought patterns and enables them to perform actions, such as selecting words on the computer screen.

We will sell our nous™ software packaged with a brain-sensing device and offer initial training and ongoing support.
We will sell our product directly to people with disabilities and their families to ensure that our customers are not subject to delays that are common in current deployment and funding channels.

By creating and delivering our product to people with profound disabilities in New Zealand and internationally we will:
• Empower individuals with disabilities to live healthier, happier lives by being able to communicate;
• Reduce stress and improve quality of life for caregivers supporting these individuals;
• Promote better social integration and equity in communities.

We have proved that this is technologically possible and trialed our prototypes with potential users.
Our team combines expertise in brain-computer interfacing, assistive solutions and technology. We have been working together for over 4 years. We are now ready to build the first commercial version of nous™. It will enable a user to respond to Yes/No questions using their thoughts and will include a training framework for reliably producing required thought patterns.

We are raising capital to achieve the following:
• Build the first product version of nous™;
• Sign-up the first individual customers (and produce case studies);
• Formalise key strategic partnerships to access the early adopters.

We are looking for impact-driven and technology-focused investors, angel groups and other funders to join us.


  • Konstantin is a seasoned manager with a balance of research, engineering, and business expertise and formal education. He brings 20+ years of entrepreneurial and management experience in international settings under high levels of uncertainty. His core capabilities are market research, business and strategy development, B2B and B2C sales management. His responsibilities at Thought-Wired are strategy development and strategic management.

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    Product & Technology Lead, Co-Founder

    James has 6 years of research experience and knowledge in working with brain and muscle activity. He first completed a BE (Hons) in Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Auckland, followed by a PhD and Postdoctoral research in Biomedical Engineering. He has experience working with BCIs, and understands their capability and where their limitations currently are. James’s primary responsibility is leading the NOUS product development.

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    Usability & User Research Lead, Co-Founder

    Sarvnaz is a doctoral candidate in Psychology at the University of Auckland. Last year she graduated from Massey University with an MSc (Hons) in Health Psychology. Her area of research is in the perception of technology from the perspective of those with physical disabilities, and how to train such individuals to use a BCI system. Her responsibilities at Thought-Wired are research and user-training as well as user and wider community liaison.

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    Founder & CEO

    Dmitry founded Thought-Wired inspired by his cousin who lives with severe cerebral palsy which left him locked-in for life. He brings over 5 years of practical experience in the IT industry including business and systems analysis, systems architecture and implementation, and project management. His academic background includes information systems, business and marketing (BBIM, BCom (Hons) from the University of Auckland).


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