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Source Code Games

We at SCG make social and MMO games. Based on Market Research we plan to implement a 3 phase project projected to net 10 figures in 7yrs

  • Stage Product In Development
  • Industry Gaming
  • Location Idaho Springs, CO, USA
  • Currency USD
  • Founded January 2012
  • Employees 9
  • Website

Company Summary

The mission of Source Code Games is to provide the highest quality service through the development of innovative, exciting products for the social web entertainment customer. Social Networking sites are almost non-exsistant for gaming related networks. With the gaming industry experiencing a major growth we feel this is an untapped market and one that will show enormous revenue. In Phase 2 & 3 SCG will develop and Implement our games to the site.


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    Lee A. Klasinski
    Producer / 3d Designer / Business Development

    Starting in 1994 Lee began his fascination with the gaming industry, always a visionary he believed there was something missing in the games of that time. He began to build a social network of gaming groups eventually deciding to merge the networks, and discovered that cross-market groups could not only work they could thrive. Lee will use his 14 years of social gaming experience and his 4 years of game development experience to see this realized

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    Kimberly M. Shewmaker
    Designer / Social Gaming Developer

    Kimberly has been involved with the social gaming market for over 9 years and has been making great games for the last 3 years. She is an innovative 3d artist as well as an accomplished game designer with experience in flash based game concept and design. She also possesses a great deal of social networking experience and social networking for gamers with the development of 1000 member gaming group on a mainstream MMO.

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    Rose Hall
    Writing Director / Social Gaming Developer

    Rose a writing major has a completely unique way of intuitively disassembling the story lines and reassembling the content in a non linear format. Her writing pieces receive recognition of excellence from industry innovators. She has the impressive ability to place herself into the story and mentally work through the story line to test its validity.

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    Tivon Opel
    Webmaster / Web Developer / Coder

    Tivon opel, one of the best up and coming web developers out in the market today. His intuitive scripting and talented eye will put the shine on the penny so to speak. Tivon has 10 years of webmaster experience and has been designing game related web material for just as long. His extensive knowledge of web scripting and various web soft will give us that competitive edge. Tivon has skills in social networking, and system network architecture.

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    Darin Vashaw
    Sound Engineer / Composer

    Darin, an extremely talented musician was chosen for this project because he possesses such a passion for his work. Addicted to music and sound he has made it his life’s work. Darin comes to the project with 20 years of sound experience and is a decorated engineer. He has a unique quality in his musical ability that will help propel SCG in to the future of gaming. Darin possesses training in music theory, surround sound and studio engineering.

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    Rick Aquino
    Conceptual Designer / Game Mechanics

    Rick started in the gaming industry by beta testing and grew to near legendary status. His beta findings have helped many development firms to correct major short comings in their gaming projects, and his concepts have been utilized in many large scale currently operational titles. His incredibly creative game mechanics are fundamentally sound and provide a totally unique base for which to build completely new and exciting games.

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    David Hall
    Conceptual Designer / 3d Designer

    David has 12 years of gaming experience that he brings to the development team focusing primarily on MMO gaming. David, a 3d Creature designer has created some of the most unusual and breathtaking designs. His work ethic is incredible as he often loses himself in his development process trying to perfect his craft. He has assisted on the development of many groundbreaking gaming concepts.


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    Richard Garnett
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    Lisa Bennet