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Shift Group

Gamifying education for entrepreneurs... sustainably.

  • Stage Product In Development
  • Industry Education
  • Location New York, NY, US
  • Currency USD
  • Founded July 2013
  • Employees 1
  • Incorporation Type S-corp
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Company Summary

We are developing a highly profitable, scalable and gamified training and support service to the 165 million entrepreneurs worldwide between the ages of 22-45, on how to start and scale a business sustainably. We address inefficiencies in:

1) Training— mentoring, planning and funding
2) Engagement— inexperienced educators and entrepreneurs
3) Scalability— offline and online classrooms
4) Revenue— from teaching and startups
5) Implementation— follow-up support with startups
6) Sustainability— key social and environmental components

Our secret sauce is the gamified education format and style: experiential meets iterative meets discovery meets cyclical learning, taking entrepreneurs from the concept to pitch-ready phases with our unique and tested 13-level IP.


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    Managing Director

    Stefan has been innovating in environmental business and sustainability since 1987. He also teaches and coaches green businesses in three major areas: 1) innovating powerful green business models, 2) crafting and implementing marketing and positioning strategies for bringing green to mainstream, and 3) creating a consistently profitable and sustainable business.

    Key Business Sustainability Accomplishments:

     Developed green intrapreneursh

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    Curriculum Director

    Steven has been serving international companies since 1986 in leadership, instructional design, and consulting practice for individuals and organizations. He specializes in curriculum and delivery design, leadership training, education and communications in the world marketplace.

    Hart’s unique style is born of his passion and experience. He helps professionals commit themselves to their communication with those they influence, and the communi

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    Chief Game Designer

    Worked as a game designer and new technologies consultant for over 9 years.
    *-- Professor in Higher Education and Research at a private university based in Barcelona
    *-- Teaches Game Design and Interactive Communication Design at University of Vic
    *-- Game designer for Atrapalo, Generalitat de Catalunya and Caritas, among others
    *-- Visiting Professor at Azuay University in Ecuador
    *-- Research focus on how games transform the way we learn

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    Chief Game Designer / Developer

    A game developer since 2009, focusing on serious games. He also teaches at Technical University of Catalonia in three major areas: 1) Graphic design, 2) User centered design 3) Project Management.

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    Gaming Director

    Actively involved in the gaming community for over a decade as a self-described active and life-long gamer. She dedicates about 30 hours a week to better understand and play the latest versions of many casual and serious games in search of creating a new wave of educational games people will love to play.

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    Senior Advisor-- Online Education

    A business consultant and facilitator, teacher and professor of entrepreneurship and small business for over 30 years.

    Additionally, he has been a career coach for veterans in transition from Iraq and Afghanistan through CUNY, at John Jay College, New York, and community-based programs.

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    Web Services Manager

    A physician, “web guru,” and a social entrepreneur.

    In 2011, he founded a full-service, innovative firm (Balencic Creative Group) specializing in progressive website design and development, brand and identity creation, digital marketing, online reputation management, and strategic investor relations (IR) programs for private and public companies.

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    Graphic Designer

    A freelance graphic designer, illustrator, street artist and documentary photographer born in Barcelona, Spain.

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    Business Development Manager

    A passionate leader of sustainability in education and business since 1970s. Left Wall Street and 11 years ago started building an online platform in Sustainability.

    Key Accomplishments:
    Member of UN Academic Impact
    Taught at Henry George School of Economics
    Authored “The World We Leave Our Children” and many related articles
    Former Op Ed for EcoSeed
    Member of Lifeboat Foundation Sustainability Board and African Sustainable Development Council

  • Margaretta
    Board of Advisor-- Technology Investor

    25 years of experience working in software, and advises / mentors startup founders worldwide.

    President of U1 Technologies selling AmbrosiaMQ™, a messaging platform with Wall Street customers. President of Margaretta Colangelo Investments, an investment and advisory firm in messaging platforms.

    Experience executing strategic alliances, forming partnerships and customer acquisition, as well as in technical support, Java education and training.


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